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1) What is a DC12V Battery?

12V lithium battery is a battery pack with 3 or 4 lithium battery cells in series. The capacity of the battery combines the capacity of a single battery cell or the capacity of the battery in parallel, which is a safe and environment-friendly new battery.

Capacity: There is no standard capacity. It is determined by the specific requirements of electrical appliances or equipment. Common capacity includes 2200mAh, 5AH, 10Ah, 20Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah, 300Ah, 500Ah, etc. The more the battery in parallel, the greater the capacity is. The physical formula: in parallel circuit: I =I1+I2+I3.

Volume: the volume of 12V lithium battery shall be determined by the capacity of the battery. There is no uniform specification. The larger the battery, the larger the volume is.

Weight: As demand changing, many devices now require larger capacity and lighter weight batteries. 12V batteries used to be mainly lead-acid batteries, but now are gradually replaced by lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have the advantages of larger capacity, lighter weight and smaller size. Different types of 12V lithium batteries have different capacities, so their weight is different.

Price: the price of lithium-ion batteries is mainly composed of batteries, protective board and shells. Due to the power consumption of the electric appliances and electric current, the material on the connection between the batteries (conventional nickel sheet, forming nickel, copper nickel composite plate, jumper, etc.) will affect the cost. Different connectors (such as aviation plugs, from ten yuan to thousands of yuan) may affect the cost, and the different PACK process will also affect the cost. Therefore, the price is determined by the cost of its materials

Applications: solar energy storage, robotics, rail transit, medical electronics, emergency backup, exploration and mapping, commercial finance, instrumentation, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc.

2) Types of 12V lithium batteries

The anode materials of 12v lithium battery mainly include lithium cobalt acid, ternary and lithium iron phosphate.

24V Emergency Starting Power Supply,Low Temperature Large Current
Low Temperature Large Current 24V Emergency Starting Power Supply Battery specification: 25.2V28Ah (lithium battery) , 27V300F (supercapacitor pack) Charging temperature:-40℃~+50℃ Discharging temperature: -40℃~+50℃ Starting current: 3000A

Anode materials of lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate are obviously differentiated in application fields. lithium cobalt oxide is mainly used as anode materials in the field of small-scale lithium battery, and tends to be used in the traditional field of 3C. Ternary materials and lithium manganate are mainly used in small lithium batteries. In Japan and South Korea, they have relatively mature technology as power batteries and are mainly used in power tools, electric bicycles and electric vehicles. 12V lithium iron phosphate battery is applied in the field of power battery in China. It is the development direction of energy storage battery in the future, and mainly used in base station and data center energy storage, home energy storage, solar energy storage, etc.

Ternary materials combine the advantage of low price of lithium cobalt acid, lithium nickelate and lithium manganate. However, their application is affected by cobalt price. When cobalt is expensice, ternary materials have a lower price than lithium cobalt acid, which has a strong market competitiveness. But when cobalt prices are low, the advantage of ternary materials over lithium cobalt is greatly reduced. At present, lithium cobalt oxide materials have a tendency to be replaced by ternary materials.

3) 12V 4400mAh lithium battery pack with reinforced power and stable voltage

Product number: 04EQ044-01

Cell model: 18650/3.7V/2200mAh

Battery specification: 18650/4S2P/14.8V/4400mAh

Nominal voltage: 12V stable voltage

Nominal capacity: 4400mAh

Charging voltage: 220V

Charging current: ≤1A

Discharging current: 3A

Instant discharging current: 5A

End-off voltage: 12V stable voltage

Internal resistance: ≤150mΩ

Battery weight: 1.5Kg

Product dimension: 120×100×60(Max)

Charging temperature:0~45℃

Discharging temperature: -40~60 ℃

Storage temperature:-20~55 ℃

Battery case: 6061 aluminium alloy

Lithium ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection

Product feature

Shockproof and waterproof: the aluminum alloy shell is designed with shockproof structure, which meets the requirements of GJB4477-2002.

Stable voltage output: Output constant voltage with 12V through DC-DC circuit to ensure the power demand of precision equipment.

Quick connection: It has fast, safe and reliable push-pull self-locking aviation connector.

Power display: The remaining power of the battery can be visually displayed by four LED lights.

Low temperature working: It can work at -40 degrees ultra-low temperature.

220V input: It has built-in charging module and 220V charging.

4) Environmental monitoring equipment DC12V 45Ah large-capacity lithium battery power plan

System energy: 900Wh

Nominal voltage: 12V

Rated capacity: 45Ah

Standard charge: 0.2C

Max charge: 1C

Continuous discharge: 0.2C

Pulse discharge: 1C

Working temperature: -20~55℃

Protection class: IP65

Finished size: IP65

Project context:

The customer needs to produce an area environmental monitoring equipment of industrial plant and its surrounding, which is required to operate continuously for 24 hours a day, and the plant and its surrounding environment may produce combustible gas, so the battery needs to have a long service life, high reliability, and certain explosion-proof performance. According to its requirements, the battery pack has a voltage of DC12V and a capacity of 45Ah, which is required to have charge-discharge protection, short-circuit protection and high-temperature protection.

Product description:

Because the testing environment of the industrial plant is demanding, and the maintenance cannot be interrupted frequently, our company chose the lithium iron phosphate battery scheme, and used the brand BIC. The BIC 26650 cylindrical lithium iron phosphate cell has a cycle life of more than 2,000 cycles and is more stable in safety than that of a lithium iron phosphate cell.

Final scheme:

Considering the need of battery layout and circuit control, our company finally chose the 15P4S scheme. The battery layout is shown in the figure above. The battery system has charge and discharge protection, short circuit protection and high temperature protection. The standard charge and discharge of the battery set at 0.2c, and the continuous charge and discharge are 1C, so as to meet the requirements of equipment operation and normal start-up power supply.

5) 12V Lithium ion Battery Charger

A 12V lithium-ion battery charger usually refers to a device that converts alternating current into low-voltage direct current. It contains a constant current, voltage limit, time limit and other control circuits that meet the charging characteristics. The charger process is: constant current - constant voltage - trickle, three - stage intelligent charging.

Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery 11.1V 7800mAh
Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery Battery specification: 11.1V 7800mAh -40℃ 0.2C discharge capacity ≥80% Dustproof, resistance to dropping, anti - corrosion, anti - electromagnetic interference

The 12V lithium batteries sold in the market are roughly divided into two types, 12.6V polymer lithium batteries and 14.6V lithium iron phosphate batteries. Due to the different voltages of these two battery packs, the chargers used are also different. The two battery chargers are not general. Otherwise, it will damage the battery cells

12v lithium battery with different capacity uses chargers with different current magnitude. Too much current will cause the battery pack heating. Otherwise, the charging time will be long. Generally, 12V20-60Ah lithium battery uses 3-6A charger, 60-100Ah lithium battery uses 6-10A charger, and 120-250A lithium battery uses 10-20A charger.

12.6V 20A lithium battery charger

Input voltage: 100-240V,50-60Hz

Output voltage: 12.6V

Output current: 20A

Product dimension: 233*108*64MM

Product weight: 1.9kg/pcs

Product application: three 11.1V lithium battery packs

Product certification: UL、cUL、GS、CE、ROHS、REACH、SAA、PSE

Product feature:

It has reverse connection/overload/overcurrent/short circuit/high temperature automatic protection function, parallel charging, auto-catch and battery voltage tracking, charging current locking, temperature sensor and step-down stay. The color changing light-emitting diode displays the charging state.


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