Snap-on 18v Lithium Battery Replacement-Introduction, Method, and Choice

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Snap-On is a company that manufactures hand-powered tools. So far they have managed to produce more than 14,000 products that feature precision manufacturing and innovative designs. Besides, these tools are built with the best features for optimization, different storage sizes, and for demanding situations.

All these tools ran on snap on lithium batteries. The capacity may differ depending on the tool size, power demand, or application. However, a snap-on 18V lithium battery is the most common for the tools. For example, it can be used in some models of drills snap, cordless adhesive gun series, series impacts wrench snaps, reciprocating saw snap, and many more.

What is a snap-on 18v lithium battery?

This is an 18V lithium battery designed to work on snap-on tools. Snap-on is a very long-serving brand that produces quality hand tools for different industries. Most of these hand tools are mobile and hence they require secondary power storage.

The snap-on batteries come in different capacities but the 18V lithium is the most common. Since these tools have become popular, most people are looking for the replacements of the batteries. Luckily enough, they are also widely available and at competitive prices.

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Snap-on tools also come with a charger that is specially designed to charge each model. These chargers are also available in many shops such as Amazon, eBay, etc. This company was founded back in 1885 by William Seidemann and Joseph Johnson. In 1920 they formed a sister company for manufacturing wrench handles and interchangeable sockets.

Their products revolutionized the industry and since then they have been at the forefront.  Snap-on makes one of the best products such as mobile tool solutions, tool control systems, and flank drive. A snap-on 18v lithium battery is the most common when it comes to powering the tools from the Snap op brand.

One of the common products that use the snap on 18v lithium battery is the monster lithium impact wrench. In other names, it can be referred to as an air gun, impact gun, windy gun, or torque gun. This tool is designed to deliver versatile torque output and store energy and then suddenly release it to the output shaft.

Cordless wrench guns have become increasingly popular since the 2000s. However, some use compressed air as its power source. These tools are used in different industries such as product assembly, heavy equipment maintenance, and automotive repair.


How do you replace a snap-on 18v lithium battery?

Replacing a snap-on 18v lithium battery is easy. You can either replace the cells of your old snap-on battery pack or buy a new battery pack.

1. Unscrew the screws

Start by unscrewing the screws of the battery pack casing. Then put aside all the screws as you will need them again at the end.

2. Remove the old cells from the battery pack

Remove the old cells carefully while noting their arrangement.

3. Arrange new cells just like the old cells

Arrange your new cells in the same way as the dead cells. Note that the cells should be arranged in such a way that they can fit in the casing and also positive to negative and vice versa. Note that you will need to use 15 18 volt packs.

4. Connect them using small pieces of wire

Connect negative to positive terminals by soldering a wire across the terminals. Make sure the all feed to two wires negative and positive that will now power your snap on cordless tools. You can measure your batteries to make sure that they provide enough voltage.

5. Solder the heat sink

The heat sink helps to regulate the temperatures of your cells as they charge. Once the cells overheat, the heat sink quickly stops the charging. This makes your battery safe around you as it prevents explosions and the release of poisonous gases from the lithium cells.

6. Put it back in the casing

After making sure that everything is connected in the right way, you can now put the cells back in the snap-on casing. Then ensure that you tighten the screws again.

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You can also replace the whole battery pack instead of rebuilding the ells again. However, this will be more costly but the most efficient and safe way. If you are unable to rebuild the snap-on 18v lithium battery pack by yourself then you will have to buy another one or have someone do it for you at some cost

How do you choose a snap-on 18v lithium battery replacement?

You need to follow some guidelines to choose the correct battery for your snap on power tools.


The first thing that needs to come up in your mind when choosing a snap-on 18v lithium battery is the capacitance. If you want to improve the capacitance then you should pick the more powerful tools.


The size of the cells maters along. Make sure you pick the right choice depending on the snap-on device that you are using. Some tools are very small while others are huge hence they require different sizes of cells.


Snap one creates its battery replacements. You can find them in many different places such as Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. Remember, to buy from trusted dealers because the market is flooded with fake cells.


Since the tools are charged by different types of chargers, then this can impact the choice of cells that you are going to use. Make sure that the two matches in terms of power so as the batteries can serve you a long time.

Buy from trusted dealers

Choosing a snap-on 18V lithium battery is easy especially when you are doing it at the right place. Since these batteries will be used to power hand tools then I recommend going for quality types that will charge you for a very long time. Set aside a good budget that will get you quality batteries. You can get them on the snap-on official website or other established online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba.

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