Battery Cycle Count-Definition, Counting And Checking

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With the rapid development of battery technology and rechargeable technology, rechargeable secondary battery has basically replaced the disposable battery which is popular before. The biggest advantage of secondary batteries over disposable batteries is that they can be recharged, which can be achieved by using chargers to restore the battery. However, the secondary battery has a battery cycle count, which makes it impossible to be used permanently.

What is a battery cycle count

The service life of the secondary battery has an upper limit, and it is difficult to avoid aging after several charge and discharge cycles. But the concept of life is vague, and no one is sure how long each battery will last. Therefore, in order to measure the service life of the battery as much as possible, the battery counting cycle is created as reference data.

In an ease way, the battery cycle count can be understood as the number of charge and discharge of the secondary battery, that is, the battery completes one charge and discharge as a cycle. But in fact, the battery cycle count is calculated based on any combination of discharge and charge totaling 100%. This means that a battery cycle is composed of 100% discharge and charge (whether you charge in this cycle Discharge several times). For example, if you use your phone from 100% to 25% and recharge it fully, this is not a strict battery cycle count. The battery cycle count also requires you to use another 25% of the power and recharge this power for your battery.

When the cycle count reaches the maximum, the performance of the battery will decrease obviously. In order to give full play to the performance of the appliance and get a better use experience, you'd better replace your battery when the battery life reaches the upper limit. In addition, batteries that reach the upper life limit are more likely to fail or even cause hazards.

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How many cycles is a battery good for

The recycling times of secondary batteries are related to the type and quality of batteries. Generally speaking, lead-acid batteries age faster and can only provide about 200 cycles. Lithium batteries and nickel based batteries have a long cycle life, which can provide about 500 to 1000 cycles. However, the capacity of nickel based batteries decreases slightly faster than that of lithium batteries because of their memory effect. In addition, poor quality batteries will also age faster due to manufacturing defects.

The method of use and storage of batteries will also affect the cycle life of batteries. The first is the temperature and humidity, too high temperature will aggravate the parasitic reaction inside the battery, which will make the battery capacitance drop faster and lead to faster aging of the battery. If the battery is stored in the place with high humidity, the positive electrode will be easily corroded, and then the service life of the battery will be greatly shortened, and even the battery may become unusable. When using different batteries, appropriate discharge methods should be used. Both lead-acid batteries and nickel based batteries have certain memory effects. Therefore, it is better to use deep electric circulation when using lead-acid batteries and nickel based batteries, so as to prevent the loss of battery capacity due to memory effect. However, lithium battery has no memory effect, but overcharge and over discharge do more harm to it. Therefore, it is better not to fully charge and discharge the lithium battery when using and storing it. What you need to do is control the charge of the lithium battery at 20% to 80%, which has been proved to have a longer cycle life.


In short, a battery with a long cycle life can provide up to 1000 battery cycles, which is determined by the type and quality of the battery. However, the use of the user and the way to store the battery will also have a significant impact on the battery cycle.

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How do you check battery cycle count

If you use smart electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, it's very simple. You just need to look at the system information of these devices to find the battery cycle count, which is generally accurate. If other electronic devices are used, it is difficult to accurately know its battery cycle count. It is feasible to record the cycle count of a battery by calculating the cycle count described above, but this method is too clumsy. Here are a few ways to help you estimate the battery cycle count:

·Check the charging time of the battery. If there is a significant increase in the time required to charge the battery or if the battery charging rate is too slow, then your battery may have aged and its battery cycle count may have reached the upper limit.

·The battery power drops faster. The rapid decline of battery power indicates that your battery has lost part of its capacitance. If you find your battery plummeting during discharge, the battery may have reached the end of its cycle life.

·The charge state of the battery is unstable. If you find when your battery is discharging, its power will change unsteadily. For example, sometimes it shows 30% power, but after a while it becomes 70% power, you need to be aware that your battery may have reached the end of its life.

When you encounter the above situation, you need to know that the battery cycle count has reached the upper limit, you need to replace a new battery. Although the old battery still works, it can't support normal discharge.

Hope you can find this article helpful.

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