Iron Flow Battery: Definition, Development, and Working

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There is no one in this world who has never had a battery for sure. After all, batteries are one of the crucial objects that can be used to power up certain devices such as clocks, watches, cars, and so on. So even though there are some rechargeable devices now, there are still some objects that need batteries. Unfortunately, when the battery is no longer usable, we only throw them. Not all batteries are recyclable, and sometimes it has toxic content that can damage the environment. Fortunately, the iron flow battery comes to the rescue. Here, we will give the basic information on the iron flow battery. Everything, from its definition, development, and how the battery is working, can be found in this article about iron flow battery.

What is an iron flow battery?

Batteries are necessary for our lives, but it has an impact that can damage our environment. One of the aspects of batteries that make it impractical is its container. Everything, from the chemical and the materials for the batteries, are trapped within the container.

An iron flow battery, to be exact flow battery, gives the solution to such a problem. A flow battery is a new type of battery where the batteries and its chemicals are stored within a tank instead of a container. The revolutionary container is convenient because it is flexible and does not restrict the chemicals nor the cells. You can always enlarge the tank to give more chemicals or change the cells for more power. With the flow battery, you don’t have to dispose of a lot of things, in fact, you don’t have to dispose of anything at all.

What makes an iron flow battery different from the rest? Iron can be used as a part of the chemical for the flow battery. If you use an iron for the flow battery, it will turn the battery into an iron battery. The reason why scientists use iron is because of its properties. Iron is abundant, and there is little chance that we will run out of it in the future. Moreover, iron does not have any toxic properties, making it safe to use.

To make it even better, scientists have proven that iron flow batteries we able to successfully charge some devices until 97%, making it a great alternative for those who want to charge their devices but do not want to pollute the environment.

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Is the iron flow battery the future of energy storage?

Although you might think that some people exaggerate about the future and the concern with battery, it is actually a pretty serious matter. After all, batteries keep being disposed once they are no longer useable. When they are thrown, not all parts are recycled due to their properties. Even though they might be disposed of according to protocols, there is a big chance the toxic properties can go to the environment and damage it. When the damage is done, it might be too late for us to realize it.

However, iron flow battery has the chance to change everything. Iron flow battery has the potential and benefits of being the future of energy storage. Here are the reasons why:


The reason why the iron flow battery is flexible is that it can be changed into many shapes. After all, the battery cells are placed within a container. Do you need a bigger and more powerful volt? Just change the cells. Do you need a larger container for the bigger cells? Just change the container into a larger one. Do you need to save space? Just use smaller battery cells and smaller tank. By using the iron flow battery, you can change the battery according to your needs without having to dispose of anything.


If you see how flexible an iron flow battery is, then you will see how environmental-friendly it is. After all, you don’t have to throw everything away. All you need to do is buy materials for small, medium, and large batteries so that you can change them at your will and according to your situation.


Some of you might think that buying many materials for iron flow battery is expensive. But hold on! Let’s think about it again!

If you buy normal batteries, they might be cheap. However, if you buy them repeatedly for the next five years, they won’t be cheap. Sure, if you buy materials for iron flow battery, it will be expensive since there is going to be a lot. However, it’s the only expensive purchase you will do. After that, you don’t have to buy anything anymore for the next five years or maybe even more. That’s not so bad, isn’t it? Better to buy everything all at once rather than buy in small in the end, it’s going to be more expensive than buying everything all at once.

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How does an iron flow battery work?

An iron flow battery is pretty simple when it comes to their system. All the iron flow battery does is having the metallic salt (in this case, being replaced by the iron for the things related to the energy) being pumped through the place that has electrodes. The unique thing is the location has both positive and negative electrodes. The electrodes are separated only with a membrane. Although it’s just a membrane though, it keeps the positive and negative electrodes separated.

From this article, we can see that the iron flow battery is everything we need for a better future with batteries. It is flexible and can be easily adjusted accordiong to our needs. Its flexible nature makes it the perfect battery for those who want to change batteries often without having to buy new batteries. Moreover, the iron flow battery’s nature is also environmental-friendly, since you don’t need to dispose anything toxic that can damage the earth. From here, it is obvious that the iron flow battery is the answer for battery. With it, we can get a large amount of energy without damaging Mother Nature. What can be better than that?

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