Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery

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1) What is prismatic lithium ion battery?

1.Overview of square lithium battery

Lithium ion batteries are divided into square lithium batteries, cylindrical lithium batteries (such as 18650, 18500, etc.) and pouch polymer lithium batteries. Square lithium battery usually refers to aluminum or steel shell square lithium battery.

Square lithium battery encapsulation has good reliability, nice system energy efficiency, light weight and high energy density. Its structure is relatively simple, the single battery capacity is large, and the system composition is relatively simple. However, because square lithium batteries can be customized according to the size of the product, there are too many models on the market, which makes it difficult to unify the process, the production automation level is not high, and the single battery is quite different. Therefore, in large-scale applications, the system life is far lower than the single battery life.

Battery characteristics

High energy density: volume to energy density is 550Wh/L

Good cycling performance: It has low attenuation, and it can maintain more than 80% of the initial capacity after 500 cycles.

Adopt square aluminum shell structure, and the combination cover plate with explosion-proof valve, which has high safety performance and no leakage

It has low internal resistance, high discharge rate and stable discharge platform.

It can be designed and customized according to customer needs.

Environmental friendly: It has passed ISO14000 environmental system certification. Products comply with GB, UN and ROHS instructions.

24V Emergency Starting Power Supply,Low Temperature Large Current
Low Temperature Large Current 24V Emergency Starting Power Supply Battery specification: 25.2V28Ah (lithium battery) , 27V300F (supercapacitor pack) Charging temperature:-40℃~+50℃ Discharging temperature: -40℃~+50℃ Starting current: 3000A


There are up to 500 types of square aluminum battery with different sizes, which are widely used in exploring and mapping, medical equipment, portable testing equipment, interphone, acoustic enclosure, mobile DVD, digital camera and so on.

2.Advantages and disadvantages of square lithium batteries

Advantages: Square lithium battery encapsulation has good reliability, nice energy efficiency of the system, relatively light weight and high energy density. Its structure is relatively simple and capacity expansion is relatively convenient, which is an important option to improve the energy density by increasing the capacity of single cell. With large cell capacity, the system structure is simple, which makes it possible to monitor cell one by one. Another benefit of simplicity is stability.

Disadvantages: Because square lithium battery can be customized according to the size of the product, there are thousands of models on the market. There are too many models that the process is difficult to unify, the level of production automation is not good, and the single battery is quite different. In large-scale application, the system life is much lower than that of single battery.

3.Square lithium battery structure

The main components of a typical square lithium battery include: top cover, housing, positive plate, negative plate, laminating or winding separator, insulation, safety components, etc. Among them, two in the red circle are safety structures, NSD acupuncture safety device; OSD overcharge protection device.

NSD, Nail Safety Device, adds a metal layer, such as a copper sheet, to the outside of the jelly-roll. When acupuncture, the local large current generated at the acupuncture site rapidly reduce the current per unit area through the large-area copper sheet, which can prevent local overheating at the acupuncture site and prevent battery thermal runaway.

The OSD (Overcharge Safety Device) is a safety design that can be found on many batteries. Generally, it is a metal sheet, which can be used with fuse. The fuse can be designed on positive collector. The pressure generated in the battery during overcharging causes the OSD to trigger an internal short circuit, generating an instant large current, which fuses the fuse and cuts off the internal current circuit of the battery.


2) Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery Cells

Square lithium battery brand

Foreign manufacturers of square power batteries include Samsung SDI, one of the three largest battery manufacturers in Japan and South Korea, and other domestic manufacturers include BYD, CATL, Guoxuan Power, EVE, Lishen, China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., Maike New Energy, ZTT, Lixin Power, Nandu Power Supply, Harbin Guangyu, Camel Battery and so on.

Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery 11.1V 7800mAh
Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery Battery specification: 11.1V 7800mAh -40℃ 0.2C discharge capacity ≥80% Dustproof, resistance to dropping, anti - corrosion, anti - electromagnetic interference

Square lithium battery model

Since the size of the square lithium battery can be customized, the product models are different. Different types of square lithium battery can be customized according to different needs. At present, the mainstream square lithium battery models on the market are 103450, 533048, 553450, 653450, 633770, 643770 and so on.

cell model

103450 lithium ion battery

The 103450 lithium battery is an aluminum-clad lithium battery. The 103450 represents a lithium battery with a thickness of 10mm, a width of 34mm and a length of 50mm. The 103450 lithium battery is a common lithium battery referring to the lithium battery composed of 103450 cells.

Battery model: UF103450P

Nominal capacity: 1880mAh

Nominal voltage:3.7V

Limited charge voltage: 4.2V

Working voltage: 2.75-4.2V

Cell internal resistance: ≤100mΩ

Cell dimension: thickness10*width34*height50mm

Packaging film: translucent red

Insulating mat: white

Standard charging: CC transmit to CV mode 0.5CA charge about 4hrs

No fuse

3) Lifepo4 Prismatic Battery

Square lithium iron phosphate battery is usually referred to aluminum or steel shell square battery. Domestic power battery manufacturers mostly use aluminum shell square battery with high battery energy density, because the structure of the square battery is relatively simple. Otherwise, cylindrical battery has stainless steel with high strength as the shell and accessories with explosion-proof safety valve. The overall accessories should have light weight and relatively high energy density. The square cell has two different processes: winding and laminating.

  1. Super long service life -- The battery pack has a long cycle life, which can reach more than 2000 cycles.

  2. Low cost -- The comprehensive cost is lower than lead-acid battery and lithium manganate battery.

  3. Reliable safety -- Lithium iron phosphate has stable structure and reliable safety, which is different from other lithium ion batteries. There will be no explosion or combustion in the event of impact, heavy load, puncture, short circuit, overcharge, overheating and other extreme conditions.

  4. Excellent temperature adaptability -- Lithium iron phosphate battery has stable structure, excellent high temperature performance and good low temperature performance. It has stable performance and small capacity attenuation during storage and transportation.

  5. Environmental friendly - Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other harmful elements. It is known as the "new generation of green power".

4) Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Square lithium battery encapsulation has good reliability, high energy efficiency of the system, relatively light weight and high energy density. Its structure is relatively simple and the expansion capacity is relatively convenient. Dongguan Large Electronics Co., LTD. professionally customized high-quality square lithium ion battery:

103450 7.4V 1800mAh Square Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Product number: 11A006-02

Cell model: 103450-7.4V-1800mAh

Nominal voltage: 7.4V

Nominal capacity: 1800mAh

Charge mode: constant current / voltage

Charge and discharge: >500 times

Charging voltage (standard): 8.4V

Discharge end voltage: 5.5V

Charging current (standard): 900mA(0.5C,0~40℃)

Discharge current (standard): 360mA(0.2C,-20~60℃)

Maximum continuous charge current: 1800mA(1.0C5A,0~40℃)

Maximum continuous discharge current: 1800mA(1.0C5A,-20~60℃)

Battery internal resistance: ≤200mΩ

Battery dimension: 12.2*55*71mm

Main protection functions: over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit protection.

5) Prismatic Batteries Vs Cylindrical Cells

According to the cell production process, lithium ion battery has cylindrical, square, soft package three packaging forms, which have their own characteristics.

  1. Battery shape: Square size can be arbitrarily designed, while cylindrical battery cannot be compared.

  2. Multiplier characteristics: Cylindrical battery has limitations on welding multi-pole technology, so that its multiplier characteristics are not as good as square multi-pole battery.

  3. Discharge platform: As for lithium batteries that adopt the same anode and cathode material and electrolyte, theoretically, their discharge platform should be the same, but the discharge platform of the square lithium battery is slightly higher.

  4. Product quality: the manufacturing technology of cylindrical batteries is mature, and the probability of secondary slitting defects is low. Besides, the maturity and automation degree of winding process are better. At present, the lamination process is still semi-manual, which has a negative effect on the battery quality.

  5. Electrode welding: Cylindrical battery electrode lead is easier to weld than square lithium battery; Square lithium battery is easy to have cold solder joint, which may affect the battery quality.

  6. PACK formation: Cylindrical batteries are easier to use, so PACK technology is simple and the cooling effect is good. Square lithium battery PACK formation can solve the problem of heat dissipation.

  7. Structure features: Square lithium battery has poor chemical activity at the corners. Its energy density is easy to decay after long-term usage, and battery life is shorter.

6) Prismatic Vs Pouch Cells

Safety performance: pouch cell has better safety performance than square lithium batteries, while steel shell aluminum shell square cells may explode.

Weight: Square steel shell lithium battery has higher quality than pouch cell. The square steel battery with the same capacity is 40% higher than the pouch cell and that of aluminum battery is 20% higher than pouch cell.

Capacity: The capacity of square steel shell battery with the same size is 10-15% lower than that of pouch cell, and the capacity of aluminum shell battery is 5-10% lower than that of pouch cell.

Resistance: Internal resistance of pouch cell is smaller than that of lithium batteries. The minimum internal resistance of current domestic pouch cell can be below 35 mΩ, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the battery. The internal resistance of square lithium batteries is not up to the standard of pouch cell.

The cost of developing new models of pouch cell is higher than that of square lithium batteries, which can be customized and developed to meet different market demands.

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