Solid-state Lithium Battery – Introduction, Performance and Choice

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With advancing age science is making tremendous discoveries and inventions day after day. As per today, the most valuable invention is a battery- a little electrical packet that runs our appliances most importantly our treasured cell phones. If we may brag a little then these tiny little packets carrying millions of ions provide your appliances with their needed ATPs in short these batteries are the energy sources of your dearly cell phones, laptops, cars, and whatnot. Thus to keep your appliances fit and fine, running at full pace you need to make sure the batteries you use are the best.

Introducing you to the Best of all!

The Solid-state Lithium Batteries

John Goodenough- an American materials scientist took the credit of giving the technological world a creation that is most likely to solve the problems related to other common batteries. A remarkable invention more correctly an improvised version of all the batteries is now at your service. They are much better, superfluously finer, extra safer, and easier than the commonly used flow batteries or the other lithium-ion batteries.

The three main questions about an innovation or an invention that crosses everyone’s minds are,

1.Is it now available?

2.How and why is it better?

3.How do you pick the finest one?

So let's begin with answering your skepticism regarding this advanced solid-state Lithium battery.

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1.Are Solid-state Lithium Batteries Available?

This new invention has been a breakthrough in the world of technology and materials. Many automobile corporations, smartphone companies, heavy mechanical complexes, and other industries operating heavy machines or power plants requiring batteries are now looking forward to this new and more effective innovation.

Many companies like BMW, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Samsung, and others are using and working on this technology to upgrade their products that will be soon available in the market most likely in the years 2022 to 2025. Commercially these solid-state lithium batteries are already available but still, many researches are going around to make the best out of this product and it is known that this solid-state lithium battery technology will soon be the future.


2. Why solid-state Lithium Batteries are Better?

The solid-state lithium batteries contribute a great deal of benefits in the field of innovation and technology. This new technology is believed to be the most effective plus safer. The many different reasons that show its uniqueness from the rest are,

Safer Batteries - Unlikely from the other flow batteries or current battery cells, the solid-state lithium batteries use a solid polymer electrolyte instead of those volatile liquid electrolyte solvents. These liquid electrolytes are the main reason behind frequent battery heat-ups. Thus, a solid electrolyte replacing the flammable liquid solvent preventing damage to your appliances due to heated up batteries.

Low-power High-energy code - The solid-state batteries are made to work with a principle of low-power drawing ranges and high- energy densities. This is due to a denser solid electrolyte. A lithium metal anode contrasted with a solid polymer electrolyte (of oxides, sulfates, and phosphates) could double the energy density of lithium batteries.

Improved Sensitivity and Stability - With the perfect use of nanotechnology the portable and miniature solid-state units provide great help in power-energy stability by increasing the sensitivity of sensors and maintaining the storage of generated energy to stabilize the system in the field for hours.

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Less Toxic - These batteries are known to be eco-friendly as the traditional cobalt or nickel or the liquid solvent-based electrodes have potentially harmful effects and result in ecological toxicity. Thus, these thin solid films of lithium metal or lithium ions are comparatively less toxic.

Longer Shelf Life - Another advantage of solid-state lithium batteries is their fast charging/discharging process.

These were some main reasons why solid-state lithium batteries are much better than the traditional battery cells. Scientists and researchers are certain that this innovative battery technology will bring a positive change to our systems.

3. How do you choose the Best Solid-state lithium battery?

Before making a pick you must be fully aware of the product its contents, its working, its efficiency, and all. Some of these minor details will help you in sorting out the best solid-state lithium batteries.

Types of Electrolytes - There are around eight different electrolytes available in solid-state batteries. These are LiPON, Li-Halide, Li-Hydride, LISICON, Garnet, and others. Most of them contain lithium, it is because as per now the researchers have concluded that the effects of lithium-based electrolytes have been the most promising.

Measurement of the Film - The two types of films- thick and thin are found in solid-state batteries. The most effective of them is the thin film of LiPON whose flexibility and thickness attribute to better stability and long-lasting of the cell. They can last 40 to 130 times more than the other batteries before they need a replacement.

Insulation and Safety - A projection known as dendrite develops from electrodes from the charging/discharging process of the cell which might become a hindrance in the conductivity of ions across the electrodes. The liquid solvent used to keep these dendrites off is not very effective as it is easily flammable. So, the thin films used in solid-state lithium batteries insulate the electrodes completely without causing any hindrance. The zero flammable content of solid-state batteries is also a distinguishing element.

These distinguishing factors are very helpful in choosing the best solid-state lithium battery.

Besides its all the benefits of power-saving, six times faster charging, 10 times better energy densities, no toxic or hazardous components, and 40 times longer life span there is still a lot more work left to do on this new technology before it came into practical uses. Scientists are working to make a better version of solid-state lithium batteries so that we will be able to apply this brilliant formula in our everyday use.

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