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Electric energy has changed people's life. In recent years, with the emergence and rapid development of new energy vehicles and UPS power storage industry, the social demand for lithium battery is also increasing, which also stimulates the progress of lithium-ion technology.

Demand will lead to industry competition, and competition can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products. As a representative of lithium-ion battery, 18650 battery will have corresponding high-quality products and defective products in the market.

The following is a list of some superior manufacturers of 18650 batteries, some suggestions for buying batteries online, and the method to identify the batteries you bought.


There is no doubt that Sony has the best 18650 battery- Murata VTC5D now. It offers a capacity of 2800mAh and CDR of 25A, which is difficult for other companies to surpass. For another famous company, Samsung, it is also a good choice to buy its products. Compared with Sony, Samsung's 20-s 18650 battery has unparalleled security, which can be said to be the safest 18650 battery in the world. The CDR of 30A is the highest true rating among all lithium ion 18650 batteries and it has tested to maintain a low running temperature at up to 40A CDR. This high current rating does come with a cost as the Samsung 20S has a capacity of only 2000mAh so you will find yourself charging these batteries more often.

As for China, there are also many excellent 18650 battery manufacturers. Initially, BYD, founded in 1995, may be better known for its automotive industry, but it is also the world's leading producer of rechargeable batteries. BYD has a strong product research and development strength, its main production of lithium iron phosphate battery has a strong quality assurance. Another company, LiShen battery, which is committed to providing power for new energy vehicles, has thousands of battery models. As the main supplier of many automobile industries, lishen battery is also certified by the market in quality.

24V Emergency Starting Power Supply,Low Temperature Large Current
Low Temperature Large Current 24V Emergency Starting Power Supply Battery specification: 25.2V28Ah (lithium battery) , 27V300F (supercapacitor pack) Charging temperature:-40℃~+50℃ Discharging temperature: -40℃~+50℃ Starting current: 3000A

18650 battery is a kind of commonly used lithium-ion battery. It is a good choice for consumers who do not know the lithium battery industry to choose well-known manufacturers.


Nowadays, network information technology is developed and online shopping is popular. Many people will choose to buy 18650 batteries in the form of online shopping. However, there are many unscrupulous businesses on the Internet. They will fake some inferior batteries into the batteries produced by famous manufacturers and make profits from them. How to purchase 18650 batteries properly on the Internet is a problem that consumers must face in the current online shopping environment.


Be careful of the fake 18650 batteries, it’s common for many vendors to buy up cheap cells, re-wrap them as name brands, and sell them through Amazon,eBay or other websites as genuine items. Battery scammers are good at what they forge. It's hard to tell a real 18650 battery from a counterfeit one with the naked eye. From the wrapping, to the branding, to the online listings—both of them look the same. There is one way that you can tell a fake from a real 18650 battery, it is by measuring its weight. Most brands of battery have made the approximate weight of their genuine batteries available somewhere. You should check the cross-reference of your batteries which you have bought online with the manufacturer’s specification, even the mistakes of spelling don’t indicate a fake. To check a particular cell, try to search the internet for its name followed by “data sheet” is the most effective method. The list will tell you the battery’s weight, capacity and maximum CDR.

Of course, choosing the official online stores of famous manufacturers can avoid these fake 18650 batteries as much as possible, and remember not to lose more profits because of the small and cheap.

Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery 11.1V 7800mAh
Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery Battery specification: 11.1V 7800mAh -40℃ 0.2C discharge capacity ≥80% Dustproof, resistance to dropping, anti - corrosion, anti - electromagnetic interference


The first thing you have to consider about when you bought a 18650 battery is the capacity of it. A lot of people will choose the battery with high milliampere capacity when purchasing the battery, but the CDR (current rating) is also important. Generally speaking, the MAH and CDR of the battery are difficult to achieve the unification, for example, the LG HB6 has 30A CDR but 1500mAh capacity, and the Panasonic NCR18650B has only 4.9A CDR but 3400mAh capacity. It is only a few models of batteries both have high CDR and large capacity.

A battery with a protection board is better than a battery without a protection board. It should be noticed that the battery with protection board has a separate circuit, which is embedded in the cell package. The protection board can cut off the power supply automatically when the battery is overheated, overcharged and over discharged, which can effectively protect the service life of the battery and reduce the risk of safety accidents. As a result, the cost of producing and purchasing batteries with protection board will be higher. Because the general battery manufacturers who produce bad 18650 batteries will spare no effort in reducing the cost in order to make profits. Therefore, it is an important method to check whether the 18650 battery purchased has a battery protection board.

If you find the previous method too cumbersome, there is now a simple way to identify your battery- using some systems like Batlab. It can provide battery testing tools similar to experiments, and the budget for using is not high. It has a 5V power supply and four brackets for inserting 18650 batteries. In the process of use, just put the 18650 battery into the bracket and connect the device to the computer. It can report the capacity and impedance of the battery to you through the micro controller.

To buy a 18650 battery, first of all, it is necessary to choose a good brand with quality assurance. Secondly, you should choose different types of batteries with different characteristics according to your own needs. Finally, you should also learn how to judge the quality of the battery.

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