Zinc Chloride Battery – Introduction, Charging And Limitations

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Zinc chloride batteries are also known as a heavy-duty, extra duty, or super heavy duty batteries. The zinc chloride battery is an improvement of zinc-carbon battery. It uses purer chemicals than zinc carbon and gives a longer service life. It also gives a steady voltage output while in use and gives out about two times the zinc-carbon cells' service life.

The type mentioned earlier of zinc chloride cells, that is, zinc-carbon cells, have a short life because the zinc is attacked by ammonium chloride. As the cell is used, the zinc container becomes thinner due to zinc metal oxidation to zinc ions. When the zinc case becomes thin enough, zinc chloride starts to leak out of the battery. But the electrolyte leaked is absorbed during the chemical reaction.

As the zinc-carbon battery continues leaking out, the battery becomes very sticky. The zinc casing can also become thin even if the battery is not being used. This is because the ammonium chloride inside the battery reacts with the zinc casing. You are always advised to store the zinc chloride batteries at room temperature. Higher temperatures reduce the lifespan of the battery cell.

The zinc chloride batteries can be frozen without any damage to the cells. But it is advisable to move the frozen batteries to average room temperature before using them. This zinc chloride batteries are useful in our day-to-day life. Several devices require this type of cell. This includes digital cameras, torches, radios, watches, remote controls, and many more.

They are found in different sizes; thus, before purchasing them, know the type of battery your device requires. The different sizes include the AA, AAA, C, and D cells.

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Are zinc chloride batteries any good?

In zinc chloride batteries, a tiny quantity of ammonium chloride is added to the electrolyte. The electrolyte used is zinc chloride. The amount of zinc chloride used is much less than one percent of its cathode weight. The ore manganese oxide is substituted by electrolyte manganese oxide in the cathode materials.

The cells are separated by a paper coated with modified starches that enhances the electrolyte's stability. Heavy-duty zinc chloride battery plays a significant role where high performance is required at the cost of high expenditure. The battery performs well even at lower temperatures.

Zinc chloride batteries are an ideal type because they are inexpensive and easy to use batteries. They also have low energy consumption; thus, the batteries can run your appliances for an extended period. They are made by well-renowned companies using simple experienced, and reliable technology. The zinc chloride batteries are pocket friendly in terms of cost per hour for low drain gadgets.

Zinc chloride batteries do not leak out the electrolyte during the reaction of zinc case and ammonium chloride. The battery absorbs water molecules at the time of chemical reaction; thus, the paste does not reach the battery's outer part. The zinc chloride cells have a higher efficiency under a grave discharge condition.

The zinc chloride cells are widely available in all markets over the globe. There are a variety of sizes; thus, you can get the right fit for your device. The cells are so safe, but you should never throw them into the fire because they can explode. The problem with this type of cell is that ammonium gas builds up at a high drain, causing a voltage drop. It also causes a short shelf life because zinc anode reacts with the acidic ammonium ions.

Can you recharge a zinc chloride battery?

Zinc chloride batteries cannot be recharged. If you put it in a charger, it will swell up and leak out the electrolyte. It can even explode and cause severe damages. If you need rechargeable cells, then you can consider other battery types. The zinc chloride battery manufacturer will not be held responsible in case of any damage caused by recharging the battery.

Although the battery's charge can be restored using a particular type of charger. But the problem is that the depth of charge will not reach the original capacity of the battery. The number of charge cycles is so limited, that is, probably countable on your fingers. Each charge cycle will have less depth of charge than the previous one. The state of the battery worsens each time you try to recharge it.

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What are the limitations of zinc chloride batteries?

Every item in the world has its limitations. Zinc chloride batteries also have their limitations, that include:

?The zinc chloride battery is more sensitive to oxygen. Thus it can easily be affected when the casing is punctured and exposed to high levels of oxygen.

?It has a higher gassing rate. There is a higher production of gas during the chemical reaction inside the battery.

?Zinc chloride batteries cannot be recharged; thus, there can be frequent replacement in powerful appliances. Thus this can be a bit costly.

?When left in appliances for a long time, they can leak and damage the device. They can also corrode circuits and cause short-circuiting.

?The battery can explode if exposed to fire. The explosion can cause fatal accidents; thus, you should be extra careful.

Factors to consider when buying zinc chloride batteries


Zinc chloride batteries are in different sizes. It is always essential to know the size of the battery that your appliance requires. Open the device and check before going to the market. Also, check the capacity of the battery that you need.


The material used in making the battery should be strong enough to withstand the conditions of use. The zinc lasts for a while; thus, choose the original and durable type.


Go with the right price that does not affect your budget. These batteries are not rechargeable; thus, you will need to replace them after some time. The replacement can be a bit costly.


Zinc chloride batteries are the best for your home and work appliances. They come at pocket-friendly prices and are available everywhere in the entire globe. Do operate your television manually when you can get yourself an affordable, durable, and reliable battery. Make your life more comfortable with this zinc chloride batteries.

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