Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers- Introduction, Charging And Fixing

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Sealed lead acid batteries or low-maintenance batteries are widely utilized in cars and vehicles such as golf cars and ATVs. The saddening thing is that these batteries can be entirely drained on an instance, thus require recharging. The procedure is alike to that utilized for the older kinds of lead acid batteries – ones with removable caps on top for every battery cell. Of course, you need a good charger and pursue specific guidelines for charging the sealed lead acid battery. It’s very imperative for safety and in order to avoid damaging your battery.

To ascertain more about sealed lead acid battery chargers, continue reading. This post is all about sealed lead acid batteries – what it is, how to use it to charge a sealed lead acid battery, and much more. So, read on to enlighten yourself about sealed lead acid battery chargers.

What is a sealed lead acid battery charger?

If you get online and search for battery chargers, then you’re going to come across many different sorts of chargers designed for different kinds of batteries. You’ll find universal chargers that can charge all kinds of batteries out there. However, the recommended thing to do is to pick the charger designed specifically for a certain type of battery.

Therefore, a sealed lead acid battery charger is none another charger designed to charge a sealed lead acid battery. What it implies that if you have a sealed lead acid battery and want to charge it (that would happen for sure), then you should buy a sealed acid battery charger.

You can go online to buy a sealed lead acid battery charger. Lots of eCommerce sites like Amazon or others sell seal lead acid battery chargers.

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How do you charge a sealed lead acid battery?

Once getting a decent seal lead acid battery charger, follow the below steps to learn how to charge a sealed lead acid battery.

Step 1: Remove your battery from the vehicle in order to charge it. Charging a completely discharged lead acid battery off of a vehicle alternator can lead to an overcharging and may harm your battery. Take advantage of a crescent wrench in order to loosen the battery cables.

Make sure to wear safety goggles as well as protective gloves when you work with any kind of lead acid batteries including the sealed type. The reason behind it is that sulfuric acid in lead acid batteries is very corrosive.

Step 2: Utilize a three-stage battery charger. This kind of charger is built for lead acid batteries. Plug the battery charger into the usual house current however leave it switched off. A sealed lead acid battery features a small tube known as a vent tube in order to permit gases within the batter for escaping. Make certain that it is free of obstacles. After that, connect the positive lead to the battery’s positive terminal and negative lead to the battery’s negative terminal.

Step 3: It’s time to set the charging voltage.

A voltage of around 2.40 or 2.45 Volts/Cell will offer you max charging speed. A big lower voltage – 2.30 -2.35 Volts/Cell is going to take a bit longer, however will assist in making the battery last longer. After setting the voltage, turn the battery charger on.

Allow about five hours for the first charging stage and it will bring your battery to about 70% charge. The charger will automatically turn to a lower voltage topping phase and it may take up to ten hours – the time might be longer for high-power storage batteries.

Once the battery is completely charged, the battery charger will turn to the low voltage – “float” stage also known as trickle charging.

Reinstall your battery or put it on a tricker charger for long term storage. In order to reinstall your battery, switch off the battery charger, and thereafter disconnect your power leads. Return your battery to the car and reconnect the power cables, ensuring the positive connects to positive and negative connects to negative. If you don’t plan to utilize the battery for numerous weeks, leave it on a trickle charger. Or recharge your battery every couple of weeks in order to prevent natural discharge that could drain the battery.

Keep in mind – avoid deeply discharging your lead acid battery. This makes sulfur to garner on the lead battery plates and then corrode them. After about ten such discharges, your battery will be damaged.

That’s it on how you can charge your sealed lead acid battery. All you need is a three-stage sealed acid battery charger, safety glasses, protective gloves, and crescent wrench to get the job done.

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How do you fix a sealed lead acid battery charger?

A sealed lead acid battery charger seldom goes wrong. A battery charger does not entail any moving components and is just equipment transforming mains alternating current into direct current at much-reduced voltage. Nevertheless, if you end up in a situation that your battery charges fail to charge your sealed lead acid battery, then you can fix the fuse in the mains plug as well as the fuse on your battery charger. It is highly probable to be one of the fuses which have blown.

Of course, you can do this job on your own. We still recommended that you get professional assistance for this particular job. With the help of a qualified electrician, you can have surety that the job will be done right the very first time and with no harm to you or anything.

The Final Verdict

That’s it. You now know how to charge your sealed lead acid battery. When choosing the sealed lead acid battery charger online, ensure to pick from a reputable manufacturer.

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