Lithium Battery Explosion Reason

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Lithium batteries are very common these days. In fact, there is no possibility of having portable gadgets if there were no lithium-ion batteries. The tablets we use, out laptops, electric cars and planes all use lithium-ion batteries in them. These batteries are very efficient in their working, but sometimes they catch fire. Here, in this article, we will learn how they catch fire and why this happens.


What’s Inside a lithium-ion battery?

Lithium-ion batteries are made with very simple assembly in which there is an anode and a negatively charged anode. They are separated from each other with the help of a plastic film that is there in order to keep them from touching each other. Basically, when the battery is turned on and start working, the lithium ions start to move from one electrode of the battery to the other one, this is how the battery is charged. While the reverse process happens when the battery starts to discharge from use in which the lithium ions in the battery start to move from the anode electrode of the lithium-ion battery towards the cathode electrode of the battery.

So, all that the lithium-ion batteries contain are the lithium cells. These cells are only one unit in the tablets and the smartphones that we use, while they are around 12 in number in the laptop batteries. Moreover, in airplanes and electric cars, they are around 100 in number to power them for enough time so that they keep on running for longer period of time without getting out of energy.

Why does lithium battery explode?

When we talk about the factors that lead to the explosion of lithium-ions batteries, then we come to know that the reason is the same as the one that is providing it its energy and helping it work so effectively. Here we will share the factors that can lead to this problem.

1.Sudden Energy Release in one Go

The very reason is responsible for developing the explosion in the batteries made with the lithium. Normally, this does not happen when the process is going on smoothly, while in the otherwise case, this might happen when the whole energy is released in just one go.


The second most prominent and important reason behind the explosion of lithium-ion batteries is that they might lead to short-circuiting and in that case majorly the separator is removed between the cathode and the anode. When they touch each other, short-circuiting occurs, the batteries catch fire and explodes. So, this is again one of the very common and important reasons why the lithium batteries explode and this can be fixed only if you buy the right lithium battery from the right store and never go to the false claimers.


One more reason behind the lithium batteries explosion is that the battery gets overheated. Well, behind this overheating there might be a few reasons. Either the battery is overcharged due to which the high energy couldn’t restrain in the battery or might be the separator of plastic is removed between the anode and cathode that lead to this explosion. So, you have to keep both in mind and try to avoid them if you want to keep yourself and your surroundings safe from any problem.

Why are lithium batteries dangerous?

Lithium-ion batteries are very dangerous and that is known to the whole world, but they are still using them because of their great use in various devices, appliances, gadgets, and vehicles too. The reason why they are considered very dangerous because they can catch fire and explode and this explosion could be very deadly because if you are in its surroundings, you can get damaged due to this. Also, you cannot predict when this could happen, so try to avoid doing it because that can be very dangerous for you and your surroundings.


How do you prevent lithium battery exploding?

There are so many ways in which you can prevent the lithium battery explosion, and these are very simple precautions that you must follow. Here we will explain a few of them for you to understand and learn about them to avoid any such situation.

1.Try not to put them in high-temperature places. For instance, never put the lithium battery in hot vehicle, in room where there is direct sunlight, etc.

2.Try to avoid overcharging your battery because they can start the reverse reaction in them that may lead to short-circuiting and thus explosion in the end. Also, draining the battery from charging also lead to this type of problem in them. So, you have to try to avoid both situations if you want to keep it working in normal form and to prevent any such incident.

3.Try to keep the lithium batteries separate from the electronic material, especially when you are traveling. This will also prevent any explosion on your way. This might not be very easy to keep them separate, but if you try and do it, then this would be a great favor to yourself and the people traveling with you.

So, these are the three main ways that you can use to simply avoid this kind of event while having the lithium battery with you in any of your gadgets or device. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and in the lithium battery case, prevention is better than an explosion. So, keep that in mind, and try to practice the above three instructions to keep yourself and your surroundings safe and sound.


Lithium-ion batteries are very popular and the very fast-growing industry all over the world. In the world of technology and innovation, lithium-ion batteries are considered as the most effective ones because they have so many applications in so many devices and gadgets that the use is becoming indispensable. But they can be dangerous if get exploded, so you must know the reasons why they catch fire and explode and how you can handle this situation.

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