Lithium Car Battery 12v-Introduction, Safety and Cycle Life

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Automobiles are getting more advanced by the day. Not only is the efficiency of vehicles increasing by a dramatic amount, they are getting more comfortable too. However, one of the several things that have remained unchanged in automobiles for quite some time are car batteries.

There are a few batteries that are available for use with automobiles. The most popular of them is lithium battery.

Here is everything you need to know about Lithium battery that is tweaked at 12V, the safety measures, and life cycle:

Can you use a lithium battery in your car?

In short, yes you can use lithium batteries in your car so long as they support the proper outputs. Lithium batteries are some of the most stable, and widely used batteries in the world. They are easy to manufacture on a large scale, and do not get damaged very easily. Lithium batteries also have a reputation of lasting a long time without having to be maintained.

Lithium Batteries for Electric Cars

Because cars are your daily drivers for commute – no pun intended – lithium batteries are a great option. At this moment, you can only use lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Most electric vehicle producers have also decided to dominantly use lithium batteries because of power efficiency as well as easy scalability.

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Gas vehicles are rare to see with lithium batteries, and even rarer to see pre-installed.

Lithium Batteries Output

Lithium batteries can provide an ample output and are as easy to scale for vehicles. Most lithium batteries are tweaked at 12 volts, which is more than enough to start a vehicle.

Another thing about lithium batteries is that they are much safer to use than other batteries.

Future of Lithium Batteries

Because at the moment, it is difficult to find lithium batteries for gas-powered vehicles, these batteries are not very popular. The only gas-powered vehicles with lithium batteries are some of the hybrids.


However, research is being done on high-energy electrode materials, as well as pure solid-state batteries that can be used to power and improve the output of lithium batteries. The solid-state batteries will help electric vehicles to boot up faster, while electrode materials will help hold more charge as well as increase output.

What are the safest lithium car batteries 12v?

Most of the batteries that are being used in gas-powered cars are acid-lead batteries. Nonetheless, here is a list of the safest lithium car batteries that are running at an output of 12 volts:

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Sterling Amps Series

Sterling is one of the major manufacturers for battery chargers and inverters. It has been one of the major players in the industry that sells to retailers.

Sterling Amps series are their latest lithium-powered series that can provide a much more stable experience with starting cars than lead-acid batteries. Not only that, even after they are stressed, they don’t lose charge easily.

Sterling Amps are indeed one of the safest lithium car batteries.

Transporter Energy

Transporter is owned by Dragonfly Energy, a company that makes RVs. Transporter is an easy-to-use and install battery that is powered by 18650 cells that use a multi-cylinder internal make-up.

Transporter’s design comes with an internal panic detector that will shut the battery down in case the output current exceeds a pre-defined amount. This makes Transporter one of the safest batteries available all across any batteries market.

Super B Epsilon

Super B is a premium battery manufacturer that also manufactures lithium-batteries for vehicles. Their batteries are made with extreme care, and they are way easier to install and move from one place to another. Super B Epsilon’s batteries hold charge much more and provide some of the highest efficiency in any lithium-powered battery available in the current market.

Although their cells come from China while the company is in Holland, they do full in-house testing to ensure that all batteries are safe to use.


Lifos is a relatively new player in the market that is designed to power small vehicles, like the two-seaters. Lifos is a cheap alternative to many other batteries on this list and has a cute smaller design.

Lifos batteries are made of four prismatic cells, and automatically shut down if their output exceeds a specific Ampere. The verdict stands that Lifos batteries are very safe to use.

How long does a lithium car battery 12V last?

When it comes to batteries, and electronics in general, it is extremely difficult to guess how long a certain piece of electronic will last. This is because batteries work at different amperes. There are other factors to include like the Ampere-hour, size of the overall battery, actual capacity, and type of cells used. Other factors to consider are the manufacturing process, the size of the car, and the efficiency of the engine that is going to draw power from the battery.

Estimate of Lifespan:

Nonetheless, with our given rough estimate, a normal lithium car battery that runs at 12 volts should be able to survive for at least 8 years for electric vehicles, and way more for gas-powered vehicles. Most electric vehicle manufacturers guarantee that your battery will last for at least 100,000 miles – or 8 years – whatever comes first, and if there is any issue with the battery, they will replace it.

Normal acid-lead batteries and even nickel-cadmium batteries last for no longer than 4 to 5 years, and that is with all the maintenance and reconditioning.

Regardless of the facts, it is also possible to recondition a lithium battery to make it last longer. To recondition a battery, all you need to do is completely discharge it, and charge it completely using a dedicated Lithium-ion charger.

Final Thoughts:

We think that lithium car batteries are only going to get more popular in the market. Because of the increase of electric vehicles in the market – that mainly use lithium batteries, more and more manufacturers will try to push their cars with lithium batteries pre-installed.

Although they are more expensive from the get-go, they are cheaper in the long-run and are not a hassle to replace. They are much safer to use as well.

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