How to Recondition Punctured Batteries- Treatment Storage and Reconditioning

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We are surrounded by different types of batteries all around us. Almost every portable electric device has one battery. This leads us to the problem of replacing the battery. In some devices replacing a battery is a very easy thing to accomplish. While in other devices, it is a very difficult thing to do.

Many people try to replace the batteries of their devices by themselves and sometimes the batteries are punctured. Here we will tell you in detail how to deal with the punctured batteries and how you can recondition these batteries.

What do you do with a punctured battery

Consider that you are in a situation where you are replacing a battery of some device. You accidentally puncture the battery while removing it. This could be because you are using an inappropriate tool for the removal process or some other things.

The first question that will come up in your mind will be what you should do now. Here are some things that you can follow if you get a battery punctured.

Safely remove the battery from the device.

The first thing to do is to remove the battery carefully and safely from the device. There are good chances that your device will be very expensive, and you will not want to damage it. In this case, you will have to safely remove the battery from the device.

Here are some things that you can use to safely remove the battery:

Safety goggles.

Safety gloves.

Proper tools.

All these things will keep you and the device safe from any kind of damage. You must refrain from using bare hands with a punctured battery because this can take you in a very dangerous situation.

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Place it at some safe outdoor place

The next thing that you need to do is to place the battery at a safe place. The best place to keep the battery is an outdoor area where the battery is out of reach of children. A punctured battery might get very hot. Keeping it in an outdoor place will help it in cooling down.

If the battery explodes, it will not damage anything inside your house when it is kept outside. One thing that you must make sure is that there must be no flammable things like fuel near the battery.

Properly dispose of the damaged battery

Once the battery has cooled down, you can carefully pick it up and give it to some hazardous waste collection unit or battery disposal unit. This is because those places have the proper equipment to deal with any kind of dangerous waste.


Can a punctured battery be restored

It depends on the type of the battery and the amount of damage that has happened to the battery. If the battery type is dye, then it is not a good option to try restoring it. In the other case if the battery type is acid battery. You might get your skin damaged while trying to restore the battery.

In any case, it is the best practice to get services from a professional and do not try to restore the battery by yourself.

Consequences if you try it yourself

Several consequences might happen if you try to restore a damaged battery by yourself. Some of them are enlightened below.

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The battery might catch fire.

The battery you are trying to restore is already punctured. This means that the reactive chemicals inside the battery are at the risk of creating sparks. This is the situation where one little spark can initiate a fire in the battery. If you are trying to restore the battery, a little fire can set your whole house on fire.

The battery might explode.

In the worst case, when the chemicals inside the battery create sparks, a fire is generated because the battery is punctured, and it has already reached a very high temperature. This might cause the electrolyte inside the battery to catch fire.

When it catches fire, the gases inside the battery get very hot. This might cause an explosion if the gases do not find a suitable path for escaping the enclosure of the battery.

How do you recondition a punctured battery

If you want to ignore the condition of the battery and you need to get it restored because you don’t want to get a new battery, here are some things that you can do for the restoration of the punctured battery.

Giving a punctured battery to some authentic repairing agency is the best option.

The best option to select in this condition is to get professionals involved. This means that you will give the battery to the battery repairing unit. These people have the right equipment and they can help you in safely reconditioning the battery. They will also tell you if your battery is in good enough condition where it can be restored or not.

This will save you some money, but the process can cost a lot of time. In some rare cases, the process of reconditioning the battery can be very costly.

Some tips if you have punctured battery

These are some tips that can be very helpful when you are dealing with a damage’s battery especially a punctured one.

Using safety equipment like goggles and gloves will keep you safe from any kind of damage because the batteries are containing reactive chemicals and acids.

When trying to remove the battery, try to use the best tools because a low-quality tool can further damage the battery.

Do not try to repair the battery by yourself. Every work is not a do it yourself job and you must consider consulting a professional for dangerous jobs.

When taking the damaged battery to a professional for getting it repaired, use some strong protective container because the battery can damage you or your car.


If you are trapped in a situation where you have accidentally punctured a battery, then this is the guide for you because here we discussed all the things that you can do to protect yourself, your surroundings, and the battery as well.

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