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How Much Do Car Batteries Weigh-Introduction, Comparison, and Performance

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You might be looking out for some detailed and accurate information about the weight of the car batteries, right? Well, we have got you covered. In this article, we'll let you know everything about the weight of the car batteries and its related aspects. Make sure to go through the entire article in order to get a clear and perfect understanding of what you are searching for.?

Basically, knowledge is power whenever it comes to the battery of your car. It is an actual fact that the more you know about your car's battery, the less likely you will get stuck with it! While analyzing the battery of your car, you might think that what makes it so heavy or why it is so bulky. Well, there are some reasons behind it that make your car battery heavy in weight. We will discuss about it in the upcoming sections of this article. Moreover, there are few people out there who are confused with "Do heavy car batteries work better"? There are more such related and confusing questions that need an answer. So, let's start then and have a look at the answers to such confusing car battery-related questions!

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Why is a car battery so heavy?

?The battery of your car is located under the hood of your vehicle. Apart from providing the necessary electricity and power for your door locks, lights, sliding windows, etc., the battery of your car also allow you to start your vehicle seamlessly. The moment your car battery dies, your vehicle will no longer be functional. Therefore, it is essential and imperative to take utmost care of your car's battery by maintaining and reconditioning it on time. So, whenever you pull out the battery of your car to maintain or recondition it, you might get stuck with a question in mind –"What makes the car battery so heavy"? Well, the answer entirely depends upon the type of battery that you are using for your car.

If we talk generally, the batteries of the car are filled with great and immense chunks of lead and a small bucket of sulfuric acid. As the batteries are filled with sulfuric acid, this means that the batteries are made with big thick walls for safety and protection rather than the niminy-piminy or weak tinfoil that a Lipo battery uses for containment. Therefore, the great chunks of lead, a small bucket of sulfuric acid, and the big thick walls for protection are the main components of a car battery that makes it heavy in size.?

The weight of a car battery generally ranges between 14 kg to 22 kg, which is quite heavy and bulky. Almost all the car batteries are typical of the lead-acid type. The lead-oxide and the plates of lead are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid. And hence, the weight of the car battery mainly comes from the lead because it is heavy.

Now, let's get an insight into what AA batteries are and how much they weigh!

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?How much does an AA battery weigh?

Before getting an answer to how much an AA battery weighs, let's first learn about what AA batteries are!

AA batteries are nowadays one of the most common types of swappable power batteries in circulation. These batteries are what many of you typically picture when you think of the classic shape and size for a standard replaceable battery. The AA batteries are used in single-cell electronic devices, or they are sometimes combined into larger multiples or pairs for powering larger electronic devices. These batteries are widely available and are immensely versatile in nature.

Now, if we talk about the weight of an AA battery, it generally weighs nearly between 19 grams to 29 grams, which is much less than that of a car battery. Basically, the weight of an AA battery entirely depends upon its type, but it will always be much lighter in weight than a typical car battery in every case. Almost all types of AA batteries feature the same volume, but a carbon-zinc battery is generally much more lighter than a nickel-cadmium battery.

The carbon-zinc battery is the lightest type of AA battery that weighs about 19 grams only. In contrast, a nickel-cadmium battery of the same size weighs 29 grams, and the alkaline one weighs 24 grams. Just like an alkaline battery, the lithium-ion battery also weighs 24 grams.

So, have you seen how lighter an AA battery is in comparison to a car battery! Now, let us move on to the last and the most confusing question when it comes to car batteries. Have a look!

?Do heavy car batteries work better?

Well, this might depend upon the type of battery that you are using. It is not always true that heavy car batteries work better than lighter ones. Basically, the performance of your car battery mainly depends upon the capacity and size of the battery. So, if you think of buying a small battery just because it will cost you less, then it is a big no because small car batteries tend to have less reserve capacity and cranking amps. The cranking amps is the measure of the total instant power that the battery can put out.

On the other hand, it is not always sure that a heavy and bulky car battery will offer you seamless and excellent performance, like a lightweight battery that works much better than the heavy ones. So, it is not about the weight of a car battery that makes it work or perform better, but it is undoubtedly about the type of battery that you are using for your car.

Few Last Words

That's all! Here you have come down to the bottom line of the article- "How Much Do Car Batteries Weigh: Introduction, Comparison, and Performance." We hope that you have got a perfect understanding of what all things make your car batteries so heavy in weight. Apart from this, all the other confusing questions relating to the car battery weight have also been cleared in a precise manner above. So, if you have any further questions pertaining to your car battery or any other battery, then you can easily find the answers on our website because we have got solutions for all your battery-related queries.


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