Power Wheelchair Batteries – Best Buy, Installation And Charging

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Very sick or disabled people face tough times trying to move from place to place. It can be so tiresome carrying them around, and at times, you might be busy. Sometimes back, the only available means of transport for them was manual wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs require a lot of energy, which cannot be supplied by a sick or disabled person. This led to the introduction of power wheelchairs, which are automated for significant movement. Everyone can operate these wheelchairs.

The wheelchairs have made work easier for the caretakers because they need not be there all the time. The only thing you will need to check is to ensure that the batteries are working normally, and the wheels are in good condition.

There was a certain man in our community who had a manual wheelchair. He used to face tough times, climbing steep roads because it required a lot of energy. He could wait for a long time to get assistance climbing the steep road.

However, he is currently using a battery-powered wheelchair, which is reliable and useful for him. Therefore, it is a good idea for us to look at the different types of batteries and where you can get them. I hope this will help you assist a friend who is in need.

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How do you buy a better power wheelchair battery?

Batteries are the engine of every power wheelchair. If the engine stops working, then the power wheelchair turns into a heavier manual wheelchair. So many available battery types are currently in the market. But we need to discuss the things to consider before buying a power wheelchair battery.

Factors to consider before buying a power wheelchair battery.


The main thing that we aim at when buying a battery is durability and reliability. Therefore, we need to know the specifications of the different batteries that we buy. A wheelchair battery should last for an extended period.

The wheelchair user might not be capable of replacing it frequently; thus, the materials used should be of high quality. It should also hold a charge for at least the whole daytime.


New wheelchairs come with batteries that have a range of 6 to 15 AH. When buying a replacement, you need to consider buying the one with a higher configuration of 30 AH to 60 AH. This will increase the max travel distance of your wheelchair.

Charging Time

You must consider the total charging time for your battery. A wheelchair battery should not take more than 6 to 9 hours to charge fully. Wheelchair battery needs to be used throughout the day; then, it will be charged at night for effectiveness. You should always go for a battery with a short charge time.


You need to be keen on the warranty conditions of the particular battery that you want to buy. The warranty period should be reasonable, and it should not be less than one year. Some batteries and battery companies need you to bear the shipping fees when you are invoking the warranty. Shipping costs to avail of a warranty can be challenging, depending on your location.


You should never be bothered a lot by the weight of the battery. However, it should not be less than 10 pounds. For batteries with large configurations, the battery weight can exceed 25 pounds. This will add to the weight of the wheelchair; hence can it hinder folding and lifting of the wheelchair.

Dimensions Of The Battery

Before buying a replacement battery for your wheelchair, consider a battery that will fit inside the battery box of the wheelchair. This should never bother you unless you are considering buying a bigger wheelchair battery.

Power Wheelchair Batteries

As said earlier, so many battery types are currently available in the market. The most common ones include:

1.Universal Power Group Wheelchair Battery 12 V 35 AH

They are in a pack of two batteries made from absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. It can be used in various devices; thus, you need to check its dimension to ensure it fits into your wheelchair battery box.

2.12 V 55 AH Wheelchair Batteries by Powerstar

They are two in number and weigh 38 pounds together. They are suitable for wheelchairs because they are easy to install, and they are leak-proof thus can be set up in any direction.

3.Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 – 12 V 35 AH Battery

These AGM batteries come in a pack of two batteries. They are anti-spill thus can be mounted in any direction. It comes with screws; thus, you will use the available connectors and cables. Ensure the connectors are compatible with those available in the wheelchair.

4.Powersonic PS-12120F2 – 12 V 12 AH Battery

It is a single battery with a capacity of 12 AH, which can power your wheelchair for 8 miles to 10 miles on a full charge. You can connect two batteries in series for 24 V 24 AH output.

5.VMAX MB96-60 12 Volt 60 AH AGM Deep Cycle Wheelchair Battery

It is a pack of two batteries made of AGM technology. You can connect both batteries for 24 V output. Also, each battery weighs 44 pounds and is maintenance-free.

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How do you install power wheelchair batteries?

The process is so simple, and you can do it at home by yourself. The steps are as follows:

  • Locate the batteries under the back of the wheelchair.

  • Disconnect the red battery connectors by separating them apart.

  • Remove the first, then the second battery from the wheelchair.

  • Disconnect the black battery connectors by also pulling them apart.

  • Then, disconnect the clips holding each battery case closed.

  • Put the new batteries into their respective positions.

  • Connect back the clips on each of the battery’s protective casings

  • Place the first battery to the holder, followed by the second one.

  • Reconnect the black connectors, followed by the red connectors.

  • Check if the wheelchair is functioning normally.

How do you charge power wheelchair batteries?

When charging the wheelchair battery, you must use a battery charger received with your wheelchair. Follow the steps below to charge your wheelchair battery using an off-board charger:

  • Place your wheelchair next to a standard electrical outlet.

  • Turn off the controller power.

  • Ensure that the wheelchair is set to drive mode.

  • Plug the off-board charger into the off-board charger/programming socket on the controller

  • Plug the off-board charger into the electrical socket

After the battery has attained full charge, unplug the off-board charger from the electrical socket and then the controller.

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