Can I carry lithium batteries on the plane? Which lithium batteries can be carried by air?

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It can be used as a hand luggage to carry portable electronic devices and backup batteries for laptops, mobile phones, cameras, watches, etc., containing no more than 100Wh (lithowatt hours) of lithium batteries .


1, lithium method of determining if the battery rated capacity of the lithium battery is not marked directly nominal energy Wh (watt-hours), the lithium battery may be rated in terms of energy as follows:


1) if a known nominal battery voltage (V) and S The capacity (Ah) can be calculated by calculating the value of the rated watt hour: Wh = VxAh, the nominal voltage and nominal capacity are usually marked on the battery.


2) If the battery is only marked with milliampere (mAh), divide this value by 1000 to get ampere-hours (Ah).


For example, the nominal voltage of a lithium battery is 3.7V, the nominal capacity is 760mAh, and the rated watt hours are: 760mAh/1000=0.76Ah; 3.7Vx0.76Ah=2.9Wh


2. Protection measures for the backup lithium battery the backup battery must be single Protect from short circuits (insert the original retail packaging or otherwise insulate the electrodes, such as tape on exposed electrodes, or place each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective case).


3, portable lithium battery can be used as hand luggage to carry laptops, mobile phones, cameras, watches and other personal use portable electronic devices and backup batteries boarding machines with no more than 100Wh (watt hours) lithium battery.


Generally speaking, the rated energy of the lithium battery of the mobile phone is 3~10Wh; the energy of the lithium battery of the SLR camera is 10~20Wh; the energy of the lithium battery of the portable camera is 20-40Wh; the energy of the lithium battery of the notebook computer is 30-100Wh More than a little. Therefore, lithium batteries in mobile phones, popular camcorders, SLR cameras, and most electronic devices such as laptops usually do not exceed the 100Wh limit.


4. The lithium battery that is restricted to carry can be carried by electronic equipment with more than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh lithium battery. Each passenger may not carry more than two such spare batteries and cannot be checked.


Equipment that may contain more than 100Wh lithium batteries, such as news media equipment, film and television crew equipment, performance props, medical equipment, electric toys, power tools, toolboxes, etc.


5. It is forbidden to carry or consign large lithium batteries or electronic equipment exceeding 160Wh.


6. Turn off the power during the flight, please turn off the power of the lithium battery equipment carried, to prevent the accidental start.

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