New Bright Battery- Introduction, Charging Hour and Replacement

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New Bright is one of the leading companies who provide the selling of car toys. All kinds of car toys are there, from normal cars to raptors. And those cars use batteries to work.

What happens when the battery for the car toy is finished? Here, we will discuss all about Bew Bright batteries, from charging it to replacing it.

How do you charge a new bright battery?

Before we talk about new Bright batteries, let’s talk about the kind of car toys they offer

New Bright Car Toys

New Bright has several types of toys under their helm. Below are some of them


Blasters are another name for New Bright’s mechanic robot category. There are many blasters with different colors.


It’s the typical racing car toy model. Out of all categories in New Bright, it is the simplest category.


Construction category, as the name states, refer to the vehicles used for transportation.


Trucks of any model in the form of toys


Stunt is basically the category for toys that can do acrobatics or other tricks toys from other categories cannot do. Examples of toys in the stunt category are trax, tumblebee, tracker, skipper, and many more.


Category specifically for toys related to water vehicles such as boats and jet ski.

The categories mentioned above are only few of the many categories available on New bright website.

You can also pick the toys according to the scale and brands you want. From Hot Wheels to Bronco, 1:8 to 1:24 scale, all is there on available on the New Bright website.

Now, let’s talk about charging the battery.

Charging a New Bright battery

24V Emergency Starting Power Supply,Low Temperature Large Current
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Here are the steps to charge the battery:

1. Plug the charger to the electrical outlet. Make sure the electrical outlet is according to the standard.

2. Put the 12.8V battery pack into the charging cradle. You need to make sure that the arrows are matched properly. It should also be noted that the battery is rechargeable.

3. After everything has been plugged in properly, the light that indicates the charging status will light up. When this happens, it shows that the battery is charging.

4. It will take at least around one hour to charge.

5. You can see the charging is done when the light turns itself off.

6. Once the light is off, unplug everything, put everything securely in their proper place.

You can properly secure the battery by aligning the arrow and the battery pack inside the coma[rtment. Slide the battery in the direction where the arrow is pointing at. After putting the battery, lock the tab correctly to secure the battery pack, making sure that the battery stays safe.

7. Turn on the  toy to check if the battery is charged properly.

Easy, isn’t it?

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How long does it take to charge a new bright 9.6V battery?

As stated before, it can take around one hour to charge the battery. However, it can also take around fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the condition of the battery and the charger.

The battery should be taken care of properly so that it can be charged quickly and have a long life. One of the ways you can do so is by cooling the battery once it’s charged or used. It is not uncommon for the battery to become warm after charging or use, so it’s best to cool the battery before using it again for the device. If you use the battery while it’s warm, it will greatly affect the battery life.

The charger and the battery should also be regularly checked in case there is a damaged part. Knowing the damaged part will help us to service the battery to the nearest service center. If you keep using the battery and the charge despite the damaged part it will also affect the usage of the battery and charger and their lifespan.

If the battery and the charger are taken care of properly, then the charging time will not be long. In fact, it won’t even take more than thirty minutes to do so!

How do you replace a new bright battery?

Replacing the battery is pretty easy since all you need to do is to take out the battery and slide in the new battery according to the instructions stated before. However, you need to ensure that you get the battery you want. Here are some batteries you can take into consideration:

RC CHARGERS Official 6.4 Volt 500 mAH Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

The battery whose weight is 0.493 ounces can last at least twenty minutes if the person plays the toy at continuous high speed. It can be used for R/C trucks and similar toys with similar types.

Official 9.6 Volt 500 mAH Lithium Ion RC Chargers Rechargeable Battery Pack | RC Chargers

This battery can last up to 10 minutes of continuous play. It should be noted that the 0.6. Volt battery cannot be used to replace 6.4 batteries, and vice versa. Doing so will damage not only the battery and the car toy itself.

Official 12.8 Volt 500 mAH Lithium Ion RC Chargers Rechargeable Battery Pack | RC Chargers

Last is the 12.8 volt. Since it has the biggest volt, it will require more time to charge. However, it will have longer play time due to the extra energy it has.

As it can be seen from the information above, the New Bright battery is not hard to replace. All you need to do is to slide it into the battery compartment and securely lock it. What should be noted, however, is the maintenance of the battery and charger. If they are not maintained properly, you will not be able to get a long-lasting battery. In the worst scenario, you can only even get 6 charges! So take care of your New Bright battery, and nothing can hinder your passion in car toys.

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