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Battery Motor- Working, Making, and Choice

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There are different types of motors. In the past, motors used fuel for their working and those were connected to the engines. However, as the technologies started to develop, batteries were developed, and the motors were also developed.

Then the scientists were able to use batteries to power the motor. Although this is an interesting aspect of mechanical science, most people are unaware of it so here we will discuss all the significant factors about the battery motor, its working, and its making as well.

How does a battery motor work?

The working of a battery motor is simple, when we connect the battery to the terminals of a motor, it starts spinning. But the science happening inside the motor and the battery is not that simple. So, here we have discussed the scientific aspect of a battery motor’s working.

The essential components working inside a battery motor.

The following are the essential parts of a battery motor.

  • The battery to power source for the system.

  • The coil that will complete the circuit.

  • The magnet will provide the necessary magnetic fields.

  • The axel will help the system to spin.

Sometimes there are additional components present in a battery motor. However, these are the extra parts that are required in some types of motors while others can work without them.

The physics of a battery motor.

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The physics happening inside the battery is the most interesting thing. The first thing is a battery. The battery of a battery motor contains chemical energy that is converted into electrical energy upon connection. The electrons start to flow through the circuit as soon as the battery is connected.

As coil is a major part of the circuit, when the electrons are passing through it, the electrical field is generated. Meanwhile the magnet or set of magnets present there are providing the necessary magnetic field. When the electrons pass, they create the electric field that makes our coil a temporary magnet.

As it is present near the magnetic field, both fields repel and attract each other like two magnets and the coil starts to move. As there are multiple windings of the coil, it keeps on moving as long as the electrons are passing through the coil. In this whole system, there is an axle that is connected to freely spinning points and this axel supports the movement of the whole system.

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How to make a motor with a battery?

Making a motor is a fun thing to do especially when you are making a motor with a battery. There are simple steps included in the process and you can easily make a battery motor at home. So, here are the steps required for making a motor with a battery.

The stuff required.

The following are the things required for making a motor with a battery.

  • AA or D size battery.

  • A copper wire (not too thick)

  • Magnet.

  • Tape

  • Thick wires.

With all of these things, you can easily make a motor with a battery.

The steps are included in making a battery motor.

The following are the steps required for making the motor with a battery.

1.The first thing you need to do is to get the battery and the thick wire. Make sure that you get the thick wire that conducts electricity, and it must not be more than 1 mm thick.

2.Take two reasonable lengths of that wire and connect them to both terminals of the battery with help of the tape and make sure that they are making a good connection with the battery terminals.

3.Take the magnet and stick it to the battery in the same direction as the wires.

4.Take your thin copper wire and leave about an inch before you start making a coil out of it. Make the coil as big so when it is placed on the battery wires, it gets very close to the magnet. After about 10 to 15 windings, leave about an inch and cut the wire.

5.Remove the insulations from the extra parts of the copper coil that where it will be touching the other wires connected to the battery.

6.Straighten these copper wires in different directions and place them on the wires that  connect with the battery at a reasonable length.

7.Turn the hard wire so that the coil will not fall off.

Right after the last step, you will be left with a motor made out of a battery.

How do you choose a motor battery?

Whether you are making a fun project or selecting a motor battery for any other purpose, selecting the right type is very important. So, here we will discuss different points that will help you in selecting the motor battery in a very efficient way.

Knowing the requirements is the most important thing.

It is necessary to know the electrical requirements of the system. It is because when you are selecting a motor battery, you can only vary a few volts. Going too low means that your system will not get enough power from the battery. Similarly, increasing a few volts will be unsuitable for the system.

In both cases, the voltage difference is very dangerous for the system and it can even burn your system. So, the first thing that you need to consider is the electrical requirements of the system. So, when you know about the requirements of the system, you can select the best battery according to your system.??

Check all the physical specifications.

After you know the electrical requirements of the battery, know the physical requirements as well. The following are some things that you must consider in this case.

  • Size of the battery.

  • Weight of the battery.

  • Connection type of the battery.

Considering all of these and comparing them to the requirements of your system will help you in the selection of the best option. An example of this is that you select the battery that provides the volts but is very heavy for the motor, which will make the system useless. So, you must consider all of these things regarding the motor battery.


Motors have a lot of applications in our daily life and there are different types of motors around us. However, here we discussed the working and the making of the battery motors. We also discussed how you can choose the best battery for your requirements.


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