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Battery Cranking Amps- Introduction, Performance, and Need

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In the older times, the vehicles were hand-cranked for starting the engine however with all the advancements, batteries replaced these hand-cranked engine technologies. Now, the batteries are used to power a motor that is responsible for cranking the engine of the vehicles. Although this is a major improvement, it is not as great when the weather conditions are not great.

It is because the batteries are affected by the harshness of the weather and they are unable to provide the necessary cranking amps to the engine. This is the reason why different people choose to buy batteries with different specifications related to the cranking amps. Here we will discuss all about the cranking amps, the cold-cranking amps and what type of battery should you select for your vehicles.

Are 800 cold-cranking amps good?

When it comes to the selection of a battery, most of the time people are confused about the cold-cranking amps. It is because, in the cold temperature, the batteries lose their performance, and the engines are also cold. This makes it necessary for the batteries to provide more power to the engine to start. In this case, 800 amps might be a good option, but it is more than the necessary amps required.

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What is the average cold-cranking amps value of a battery?

When selecting the battery for your car, you must pay great attention to the cranking amps and the cold cranking amps of the battery. The cold-cranking amps are important according to the location that you are living in. These are often labeled as CCA. If we talk about the average cold-cranking amps for the battery of a car, the value could vary between 600 and 700 amps.

However, most of the batteries have cold-cranking amps valued at 650. For most of the personal usage cars, vehicles, and SUVs, the 650 cold-cranking amps are enough to start the vehicles even in the cold temperatures.

What are the benefits of having 800 cold-cranking amps?

As getting a battery with about 650 cold-cranking amps will work fine, then why are the 800 cold-cranking amps batteries preferred sometimes. Well, these batteries are beneficial in the cases where you want to be sure that your car will not have any issues regarding getting started regardless of the weather conditions.

These batteries also make sure that you will not have to wait for the car to be started as these batteries will immediately start the car.

Is higher cranking amps better?

One of the most common confusions when it comes to the selection of a car battery is regarding the cranking amps of the battery. It is because it is considered that the cranking amps are generally better when they are more or higher.

However, this is a wrong concept because the cranking amps required from a battery depends on your car type and it also depends on where your car is being used. It is because the location and the weather conditions also affect the performance of the battery.

So, we can say that the cranking amps come with benefits and demerits and here we will discuss both of them.

Benefits of having higher cranking amps.

The following are the benefits of having a battery with high cranking amps.

?You can start your car regardless of the weather situation.

The first benefit of having a high cranking amps battery is that you will not have to worry about the weather conditions as the high cranking amps will start the car easily.

?There will be no waiting time for getting your car started.

You will not have to wait for the car engine to start for minutes because the higher ranking amps will start the car engine immediately.

Demerits of having high-ranking amps.

The following are the demerits of having a battery with high cranking amps.

?You are putting additional pressure on the engine parts of your car.

Your car engine parts like the alternator and the starter motor might be getting additional pressure because of additional amps.

?The electronics of your car might be at risk of getting damaged.

The electronics like the multimedia and computer of your car might be in danger of getting damaged because of higher amps.

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What is the required number of cranking amps for starting a car?

Although there are options to buy batteries for a car that provide about 800 cranking amps. But are they really necessary for the car to be started? Well, the car engine can start at lower amps as well and every car has some amount of amps rated for the battery according to the engine parts. So here we will discuss all about the significance of the cranking amps required for the car to start.

What is the significance of cranking amps for a car?

The engine of the cars has a motor that turns the engine for starting it. The battery present in the car is used to power that motor for as long as the car engine is not started. So, the amount of amps that the battery decides the amount of power that the motor will provide.

Here we can say that more amps means that the motor will provide more energy and the engine will start quickly and easily.

What are the average cranking amps required to start a car?

When we talk about starting the car, there are two types of amps that a car battery can provide the first one is the normal cranking amps. For an average area these could be between 400 and 500 and the car will easily start.

Do you need cold-cranking amps higher than normal amps?

In the case you are starting the car in very old weather, then you will need to consider the cold-cranking amps. For an average engine, the cold cranking amps must be about 650.


Batteries are necessary for starting the car engine and the batteries with higher cranking amps are usually helpful in different weather conditions. Here we discussed the role of a battery and its cranking amps .We also discussed what are the ranges of cranking amps for the best performance of your car.


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