Lead Acid Battery Charger-Making,AMP And Charging

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The term – lead acid battery does not sound like a new one to many people who know about batteries. However, it is only a select group of persons who really know a thing or two about this charger.

Therefore, I will throw the question back to you – what knowledge do you have about a lead acid battery charger? If you are finding it difficult to answer this question, then no need to panic. All your curiosities will be sorted out here. You would learn about lead acid battery charger, as well as how it can be properly put together. Just keep reading, I have a feeling you would be surprised at the end of your reading.

How do you make a charger for lead acid battery in proper way?

A lot of people have claimed to come up with lead acid battery charger to the best of their knowledge. But in the end, it only turned out they did something that was a little short of a complete disaster. So it is only natural for you to start asking yourself the question – how can a lead acid battery be properly made? In what way will you put it together, and it eventually do what it is meant to do? On this page, you will be learning how this can be achieved with all best practices observed.

There might be other methods of doing this, but you would be learning this particular method from this post. First, you need to get some items on ground before you can commence. You need a computer charger or anything in that category, a step-down module, some wires, and a multi-meter.

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Cut the supply part of the computer charger into two (where you can see the red and black wires). Connect the wires to the input end of the step-down module. After that, connect the output from the module to the multi-meter to determine how the charging current and voltage would be. Do all the necessary adjustments to establish the required voltage and current values (mind you, at this point you should have connected the charger to a mains outlet). After deciding on what the current and voltage will look like, you can remove the wires from the multi-meter and connect it to the terminals of the lead acid battery (turn off the mains supply before doing this).

When you are done, turn on the mains supply again, and the battery will start charging at the values you have decided. Quite easy and safe to do. Right?


What AMP should you charge your lead acid battery charger?

If you had thought charging of a lead acid battery can be done to any level, then you need to change that mentality. Charging you lead acid battery to any level can do the battery great harm. There are specific charging levels it should be allowed to charge to if you want your battery to last long.

So what is the current value you need to charge your lead acid battery to? The first thing you have to take note of here is that AMP values for a lead acid battery varies. The value at which one should be charged may not be the same with the value with which another one will be charged. It could be 2A or even as high as 5A; everything will eventually boil down to the size of the battery. The bigger the battery size the higher the charging current. For small batteries, they are going to be charged certainly with a lower amount of current. I may not be able to tell you the exact value your charger needs to work because there is a certain formula used to determine the current value that is suitable for a charger.

If you want your lead acid battery to be charged as you want and work perfectly after the charging, I guess you have to get that computation.

Let us use a 12V battery as a practical instance. If you are charging the battery to a value of say 2.4V per cell, the voltage ought to be set at 14.4V. Then go ahead and charge the current to battery size. For a battery of this size, it will be like 10 or 30% of the rated current. You can also lower the percentage of the current if you deem it fit.

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How do you charge lead acid battery theoretically?

A lead acid battery usually comprise two terminals (cathode and anode), and electrolyte that contains the ions that carries the current whenever the battery is charging. To explain the theoretical working of lead acid batteries, one needs to understand that ions are going to flow from the anode to the cathode via an oxidation reaction. Through this process the electrolyte is charged, and ions will cross over to the cathode end of the battery.

But when a battery is discharging, an opposite reaction is what will take place. Electrons will move from the cathode end by process of reduction to item that is using the battery. This will be ongoing on the electrolyte becomes weak, and ions are no longer mobile in the solution. At that point, no current will be discharged from the battery to the connected load.

However, that is just a skeletal manner of how the charging and discharging are done within a lead acid battery. There are plenty other activities that go on within the battery that is beyond the scope of this post. But I want to believe you got the basic description of what happens inside a lead acid battery.


Lead acid batteries are a special class of rechargeable battery. We have been able to discuss how lead acid battery chargers can be accurately produced. It was equally stressed that a couple of guidelines need to be observed when doing so. You don’t need to charge your battery to any current. There are specific values you are supposed to charge to. We also explained a similar action to how lead acid batteries work.

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