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How to Revive Ryobi Batteries: Fixing,Replacing and Reviving

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There are all kinds of battery brands that are available now for us as consumers. From A to Z, you will have an endless supply of choice. However, Ryobi has been known in the battery industry for its quality and performance. Hence, it would be a pity if the battery suddenly dies for no reason. But do not worry, as we will help you on how to revive Ryobi batteries. From fixing, replacing, and reviving the batteries, we will write about them all.

Can Ryobi batteries be fixed?

For those who are suffering from having their Ryobi batteries damaged or unable to be used, do not worry! There are some tricks you can do to “revive” the batteries. Here are some of the ways:

Check the terminal.

Sometimes the cause of a faulty battery is not because of the battery itself but the other object we use. Terminal is one of those objects. There are times when the terminals are clogged because of dirt or because of the rust around it. Such things can affect the charging of the Ryobi battery, disabling you to charge the battery properly. This can make the Ryobi battery deemed unusable.

Check the charger’s temperature.

Believe it or not, but there are some chargers that can only work on certain temperatures. Ryobi battery’s charger is one of those chargers. When the charger is outside the temperature between 5 degree celsius to 45 degree celsius. If you find the battery too hot or too cold, it’s best to store them at room temperature. This might help the charging process to start again, allowing you to use Ryobi battery properly.

Check the sleep mode of the battery.

Yes, batteries do have their sleep mode moments, especially when it comes to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries usually fall into sleep mode when the battery is completely dead, and then you decide to shelf it for a long time. When this happens, the battery will fall into sleep mode. You will have no choice but to revive it when it happens. Don’t worry, because it’s possible to revive a sleeping battery.

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The best way to ensure that the battery lasts for a long time is by taking care of it properly is by doing all the precautions warned on the manual. You must also pay attention to the surrounding, as they can affect the battery too.

Now, if you don’t want to do the hassle of reviving the battery by yourself. You can always go to the store where you  bought them or where they are manufactured. Which leads to the next section

Will Home Depot replace Ryobi batteries?

Home Depot and Ryobi are some of the biggest mysteries in the universe. Some claim that Home Depot does not replace the batteries. Home Depot will replace your batteries but under certain conditions.

First, every battery is automatically covered with a three-year battery. However, the only  time you’re not required to use receipts is when you bring the complete kit that includes the tool and the charger.

If there is some kind of trouble, all you need to do is call the customer service. They will bring you to the nearest service center.

As for replacing, yes, there are some batteries that can be replaced by Home Depot. Those batteries are types 4V, 18V, 24V, and 40V. Yes, you can bring them to Home Depot even though they are not under warranty. If your battery’s series is not mentioned, it’s best to bring it to Direct Tools Factory Outlets. However, if you would like to get direct service, it’s best to reach to Ryobi battery directly, as Home Depot is just the bridge between Ryobi batteries and the customers.

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How do you revive a Ryobi battery?

There are two ways you can wake the sleeping Ryobi battery. They are by doing charge rmode and power source mode.

Charger Method

When we are charging, the power does not go right away. There is some kind of wake up call that will notify the device that the battery is being plugged. Now, we are going to use the same wake up call to “wake up” the battery.

First, you must charge the battery. After two seconds, take out the battery, then charge it again. Do this for approximately thirty times or at least half an hour. If done successfully, the Ryobi battery will be awake again, giving you the option to charge the battery first then using it.

Power Source Method

The power source method takes shorter time, but it should be done more carefully than the first method. All you need to do is connect the power source to the ends of the batteries. It should be noted that the matched ends should be the same. So, the negative end should be connected with the negative part of the power source, and the same goes with positive sides. If you do it wrong, there is a possibility that the battery will be damaged.

Once the ends have been connected, leave it be for five to ten minutes. You will come back to a Ryobi battery that is fully awake and ready to be charged.

If the battery is still “sleeping” despite the two methods, then the last option would be taking it to a store.

Reviving a Ryobi battery is not a hard matter. There are times when external factors are the causes of the battery not working. It is also because of the lack of usage of the battery putting it in sleep mode. Thankfully, the methods to revive a battery from sleeping is not hard to do.

You can always exchange it by going through Home Depot, but you must make sure that the batteries are within warranty time. There is also the possibility of the replacement being done in a long time. After all, Home Depot is just the agent. So. If you want to get a replacement from the store as soon as possible, it’s best to contact Ryobi battery directly.


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