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Can You Recharge Non Rechargeable Batteries-Introduction,Methods and Result

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As humanity is advancing day by day you can notice that there are many advances in technology as well as in the modern science. The reason for this technological advancement is many, people now want much more convenience as compared to the other people in their past, people now want something that can do and solve their problems in an instant and they do not have to wait any longer then a second or less. the reason why so many people like to prefer technology over the past times is because it offers them a chance off making sure that the tasks that they are supposed to do in a day are done by in an efficient manner. Therefore they sought out technology and created and invented new and important instruments and applications that will help solve them their issues one of such applications is that of the batteries. in the present era the modern world primarily depends on the source of electrical energy that it runs the appliances of this world because electrical energy now has become the primary source of energy for all the things that are running such as their mobile phones that televisions and other things so for these applications to run the main source of energy for electrical sources is the battery. This is because batteries are now present in almost every sort of electrical  appliance that you are using such as your television, your laptops, your watch, you refrigerators, you light bulbs, your cars, and so many other things that we if start to count will not be less than a million. Basically every electrical appliance that is present on this planet surface right now uses a battery. 

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Can you recharge non rechargeable battery?

To understand and answer this question we must first understand how the mechanism of the battery is and how it works. The main source of energy from alkaline batteries is the conversion of the Chemical energy into the electrical one. An alkaline battery consists of two types of electrodes a cathode and anode which is present at the two ends of the battery. The cat word is the positive end of the battery which supplies the battery with current meaning that the current enters through this part of the battery and the electrons leave through this part of the battery, similarly anode which is also made of conductive material is the negative terminal of the battery from where the current leaves the battery and the and the electrons enter the battery. Apart from these two conductive materials known as electrodes there is also an electrolyte solution that is present and surrounding the both electrodes it serves as a basic function of distributing the ions and the electrical charges in an even distribution in the two compartments which are separated by a separator. 

So now that we have understood what are the anatomy and the composition of such batteries we will now attempt to answer the question. So the first problem that will occur if you recharge a non rechargeable battery is that there is a risk of those batteries leaking or popping up meaning exploding up. The reason for this problem arising is becausr the batteries that you are using are not designed for recharging. If you try to force recharge and then the problem will arise that the higher current supply to these batteries will cause the voltage to arise as well and when the voltage rises these batteries can no longer endure the chemical charge that is being stored and therefore as a result  they cause a miniature explosion. This miniature explosion means that the build-up of gases such as the gases known as hydrogen causes the lid to blow off from one side or the other even though the battery is made up of strong and robust materials this can happen. When the contents of the battery are exposed to the air because of the explosion the battery contents might leak outside and the most dangerous effect of these contents is that of the toxic fumes and the toxicity they have if they touch your skin.  So recharging non rechargeable batteries can be quite a complication because they were not designed to be recharged in the 1st place and when you try to recharge such batteries the main problem that will arise is that they can undergo some sort of explosion that will eventually lead to them being creating harm for you. harm in a sense that when the contents of these battery leak you cannot touch the battery just like that and you have to make sure that you wear protective gloves and appliances such as goggles that will make sure that not only the chemical stay away from your skin but they're toxic fumes that are producing from these chemicals also do not reach your eyes and nose. This is because the electrolyte which was present in it has highly aesthetic nature and can cause severe burns that can lead to infections and further complications as well. 

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How to recharge non rechargeable batteries?

To recharge non rechargeable batteries first you must attach the battery to a source of power. And for that purpose you will have to need a high grade quality of electrical cables or Leads that will attach to the terminals of the battery and therefore help in recharging those batteries. you have to make sure that the voltage of the power shows that you are using as a the recharger must be having greater source of electrical potential as compared to the battery for example if the battery potential is of 50 volts then you have to make sure that your battery potential of the power source which you are using to recharge the battery has at least 220 volts or 110 volts. 

What happens if you recharge non rechargeable batteries?

If you try to recharge no rechargeable batteries they will explode and therefore cause a massive loss off money as well as can become a harm and risk to your health and the burns that will occur from these acids and explosion can even lead to permanent damage of skin as well as blindness in your eyes or some sort of anaphylactic shock.


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