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Battery Acid Fumes-Introduction, Effect and Safety

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Batteries are present almost in every building. Whether you have a car or a home backup system, you will most probably have the acid batteries used for them. These batteries come with great benefits such as low operation and repairing cost and long life. However, there are some things that you need to consider cautious about these batteries.

The first and the most important thing to be careful about the battery is its acid. Batteries have sulfuric acid in them and that is a very harmful acid. So, here we will discuss all the effects of the sulfuric acid used in batteries on your health.

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Can Sulfuric Acid Fumes Harm You?

When it comes to the sulfuric acid used in the batteries, most people consider it harmful while others do not know about the level of harm it can cause. Generally, sulfuric acid is considered to be very toxic as it can cause serious damage to our bodies. Here we will discuss how sulfuric acid fumes can harm you.

Issues in the respiratory system.

The fumes of sulfuric acid can reach us through air and the most vulnerable system of our body in the case of these fumes is the respiratory system. However, other body parts can also be damaged because of these fumes.

Action of sulfuric acid fumes on our eyes and skin.

When the sulfuric acid fumes come in contact with our eyes or skin, they can cause damage to the upper layer of the skin tissues. However, this damage can be quickly stopped by getting first aid in severe cases or by quickly rinsing it with water. Using cool water is preferred for getting a better sensation of not feeling pain.

Action of sulfuric acid on our respiratory system.

The worst part of your body that you can get affected because of the sulfuric acid fumes is the respiratory tract. It is because it can cause serious damage to the following parts of your body.

  • Nose and nasal cavity

  • Throat

  • Mouth

  • Lungs

  • Stomach

In all of these parts of your body, sulfuric acid can damage tissues that you cannot rinse or treat very easily.

Damaging the lungs.

The worst effect of sulfuric acid fumes on our body is on the lungs because it can cause life-threatening issues to our lungs.

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What Happens If You Inhale Acid Fumes?

Whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, inhaling the sulfuric acid fumes will never be a great idea. It is because sulfuric acid fumes are known to cause serious damage to your internal and external tissues. Here we will discuss in detail what happens to different parts of your body when you inhale the sulfuric acid fumes.

The first symptoms.

The first symptoms induce the sensation of irritation that is caused in the internal tissues or on the external skin. This is the short-term effect of inhaling the sulfuric acid fumes. At first, you will feel the urge to itch your internal nose, nasal cavity, and throat.

This sensation might last for a few minutes depending on the purity level of sulfuric acid and the amount that you inhaled. Not only this but this sensation also depends on the amount of good air and ventilation that is there at your place.

Damage on the internal tissues.

Once you have inhaled the sulfuric acid fumes, you will feel the early symptoms for some minutes, and they will go after that. Then the painful period will start where you will start to feel pain inside your body.

This is because the acid fumes are reacting with the internal tissues of your body and they are causing damage to them. In case you got some first aid, the amount of damage can get low however, if there was no first aid, then the level and duration will be significantly increased.

Extensive issues.

Apart from the damage and pain, there will be some extensive damage happening to your body. This has two main parts of your body affected. The first one is the lungs. Lungs when come in contact with the sulfuric acid fumes, can fill up with a fluid that can be life-threatening. It will also cause shortness of breath, congestion in the chest, and difficulty in breathing.

What Do You Do If You Inhale Sulfuric Acid Fumes?

When you inhale the sulfuric acid fumes, this time will be very crucial for you. it is because you will not only be feeling a lot of initiation and itching, but you can also face some sort of panic attack. This generally happens when something happens to you unintentionally and you are not aware of how to deal with the situation.

However, here we have the tips that you can follow to stay as safe as possible after inhaling the sulfuric acid fumes.

Seeking first aid is very important.

The first thing that you need to do is to seek first aid. In the case of inhaling the sulfuric acid, there is not much that you can do but taking the first aid is very important. It is because this little act might save you from higher damage to your body. In the case of taking first aid, you need to do the following things.

?Eyes: Eyes should be rinsed as soon as possible because there are good chances that the fumes of sulfuric acid will be reacting with the tissues of your eyes.

?Skin: wherever you feel the sensation of irritation on your skin like your face or hands, you must rinse that area with cool water.

?Nose: nose must be rinsed with cool and clean water for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can increase this time if you are feeling more irritation.

?Mouth: you can also rinse your mouth for about 3 to 5 minutes with cool water.

Although you are following these tips, it is also very important to get as good, clean, and fresh air as possible.

Get medical help as soon as possible.

Right after you inhale sulfuric acid fumes, you must look for professional medical help.

Final Thougts:

Battery is great functionally because of its acid but this same acid can be very harmful for us in many different ways. Here we discussed how this battery acid can be harmful for us and how you can deal with different conditions if you inhale sulfuric acid fumes.


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