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Replacement HP Laptop Battery-Service, Best Choice and Cost

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You are always assured of a stable source of power for all computing programs when the battery is new. However, continuous use and age of the battery lead to its loss of ability to hold a charge. Considerably, there are several reasons that indicate a battery needs to be replaced, such as the material used and the design considered. Unexpected laptop shut down, overheating and slow charge are among the indicators of a battery that needs to be replaced.

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Buy Replacement HP Laptop Battery

A check tool is provided by HP, which is used to check the battery before ordering a new one. The part number of the replacement battery before purchasing a replacement battery. The product number can be located from either the product label or by using the HP Support Assistant.

Using Product Label

Check on how to either find the product number or model number on the HP Notebook.

On the bottom of the notebook, locate the HP product label by turning the notebook over once it is powered off.

Using HP Support Assistant

Ensure the HP Support Assistant software's latest version is downloaded and installed.

Search and open HP Support Assistant in the windows. Serial number, product name, and number are displayed at the bottom of the window once the HP Support Assistant opens.

Additionally, the product's number is placed behind the access panel or in the battery's compartment in some laptops.

Buy Replacement HP Laptop Battery

Below are steps to follow when purchasing a replacement battery after testing and finding the product number.

1.Search for HP Parts Store.

2. The desired language and country under buy certified HP genuine replacement parts. Click on Search for a part after typing the product number in the tool.

3.Click on the accurate product number after finding the notebook.

In the part list that appears, find the battery and finally follow the instructions on the screen to order the battery.

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Best Replacement HP Laptop Battery

The battery is one of the most valuable components of a laptop. Most people choose the laptop over the desktop due to its portability character. Henceforth, a laptop with a battery of poor quality will not be vital for portability.

?There are several characteristics of the best laptops batteries to consider when purchasing, such as the service life, compatibility among others, as discussed below


A battery tends to take longer usage and recharge depending on its capacity. In this case, the greater the capacity, the longer the battery can last without being recharged.??Most laptops contain??5000mAh of capacity, and this means when purchasing, the battery replacement should count at least with 5000mAh.


Batteries are occasionally made to work with different laptop models. Before purchasing the battery, you have to confirm the model of your laptop and the part number of the battery, as explained above. It is better to purchase from the same laptop manufacturer. The battery voltage of the old and the new one should be matched.

The Battery Material

There are batteries made from several materials such as Nickel Cadmium, Lithium-Ion Polymers, Lithium-Ion, and Nickel Metal Hydride. Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Ion Polymers are always considered due to their ability to charge faster, longer life span, and light in weight.

Brand New or Refurbished

It is not a good idea to replace your laptop battery with a refurbished one if the laptop is in use regularly. If the manufacturing date happens to be more than 18 months, then probably the battery has already been used and might not last long like a new one. Refurbished batteries may be bought at a lower price but with a low warranty. The battery's warranty period should be checked as one can be able to return the battery if it becomes functionless within the period.

Life Span

A laptop battery has a set service life expected to work out properly—the life span as taken count of in cycles. One complete cycle simply?means a battery's complete discharge after fully charging it. The life cycles mostly vary between 300-1500. It is important to determine the?cycle of the battery that needs to be replaced.

How much does it cost to replace the battery in a hotel laptop

Most hp laptop batteries range from $20- $200 depending on the brand of the laptop, place bought, model, specification, and condition of the chosen battery. However, a battery price can be determined using the following:


Voltage (V)

Voltage is the amount of electricity that a laptop needs in order to function. Your laptop requires a certain volume of electricity to operate. Different versions of one particular battery may contain different voltage ratings with the same specification that are essential in cost estimation.

Whr (Watt Hour)

It refers to the energy consumed in an hour by a laptop. 1 Whr equals 1 Watt of electrical power used for an hour. In turn, higher Whr rating laptops need batteries with big capacity hence costing a higher price.

mAh (Milliamp Hours)

It informs on the amount of energy stored in the battery. The longevity of the battery depends on the mAh ratings.??The higher the mAh rating, the high the price, and vice versa.?

Number of Cells

Laptop batteries contain a different number of cells. Some contain four cells, six cells, and even nine cells.??All the cells vary in the capacity they contain. 50% more capacity than the rest is delivered in a case where a particular laptop battery model contains nine cells. Batteries that have bigger capacities than others are often heavier and more productive with higher Whr ratings. A 9-cell battery is on the heavier and more powerful side than a 6-cell variant, even though the form factor can be the same. The same price ratings are considered where the battery with a high number of cells costs a bit higher than the rest.

How to Perform an HP Laptop Battery Replacement

We can replace laptop batteries when they become less functional. The battery shows poor performance with time as the battery capacity lessens with time. Advantageously, the laptop batteries can be replaced for the quality functioning of the laptop.

Below are the steps followed when replacing a laptop's battery:

1.Buy a new battery for the HP laptop as explained above.

2.In windows, make a battery report

3.Unplug your laptop from the charge

4.Use a screwdriver to remove the laptop's back panel

5.Remove the old battery from the laptop

6.Fix the new battery in the laptop

7.Put back the laptop's back panel

8.Check the new battery performance using the report for the new battery.


Your laptop's battery will die no matter how better you treat it. Windows will be able to alert you when the battery attains a low capacity to avoid sudden deaths of the laptop.


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