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Overcharging Car Battery-Symptoms, Causes and Effects

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Batteries are the true backbone of any car and its electrical system. It produces electricity for a car from the mechanical energy that will be stored in the battery. Overcharging can damage the battery of your car. To avoid major faults of your battery, you need to check the symptoms of the damage. 

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If the Car Voltage Gauge Reading is High 

If the battery is overcharging, you may find a reading of high voltage on the dashboard of your car. Usually, there should be high reading for your ignition voltage but it usually settled down to 13 to 14 volts. If you find that the dashboard is showing a voltage reading of 15 volts or more than that, you need to check your battery to know whether there is any overcharging issue. 

The Battery Gets Super-Hot During the Charging Time 

If the battery of your car gets extremely hot when charging, you need to check the issue. Overcharging may cause extreme electrical charge that may radiate as heat. It causes electrolytes and can make the battery evaporate and it results in a very low level of battery electrolyte.  

The Headlight of the Car Burns Quickly 

Overcharging means, your headlights may burn very fast. They can go out one by one or two at once. If the headlight prematurely blows out, it can be the result of overcharging. 

Battery Swollen 

If the battery is overcharged, you will have a faulty alternator and that will create a high level of hydrogen gas. If the battery is vented poorly or it is completely sealed, the part of the battery will swell due to the hydrogen gas. 

Battery Seeping 

Leakage or seeping may occur when the battery is overcharged and the same the hydrogen gas build-ups within this battery and force out the electrolyte out through the vent caps or vents itself. The battery housing can get cracked or may develop a leak that makes the liquid electrotype come out. This can be very much dangerous and you need to check it previously. 

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What Causes Overcharging Car Battery

Overcharging of a car can bring dangerous damage to your car and you need to find out the cause of it so that you can solve it early and can avoid any severe damage. Overcharging can decrease the lifespan of your battery and make it quite tough to get back. It may lower down the efficiency of the battery and if you ignore it can even cause a battery explosion. You need to understand the causes of the battery overcharging to avoid the issue. 


Faulty Regulator 

The battery of the car may overcharge if the voltage regulator of the car is not working properly. This is actually a part of the car alternator; it offers a steady voltage flow to the car’s battery. If the regulator of the voltage is defective, it may send a little and extreme charge to the battery. You can avoid this issue by replacing a voltage regulator. 

Alternator Fault 

Sometimes the alternator can the reason itself. This device is responsible to convert the mechanical power of a car’s engine to electrical power and the reason is charging the battery. If the alternator is damaged or if it breaks, it will stop creating that electricity for the car battery and the battery will die eventually. If you have placed a wrong alternator or if your alternator is not at its right place, it will create extreme energy for the battery and it eventually will overcharge. 

Using Incorrect Charger 

If you charge the car battery outside your car in the wrong method, this type of charging process can cause overcharging. If you place the battery on the charger for an extended period of time, overcharging is obvious. It will decrease and damage the efficiency and lifespan of your battery. 

Defective Charger 

Using a faulty charger can be the reason also. If the setting is wired improperly, there are incorrect charge levels, overcharging can happen. You need to monitor your entire charging time or that. This type of overcharging issue is very difficult to avoid because manufacturing mistakes are possible everywhere. 



Your car batteries can get damaged during summer days. Summer may have a very bad effect on the batteries of the car. If your battery is overcharged previously, extreme heat can increase different issues related to overcharging. It may exacerbate many other issues of the car battery. 

Effects of Overcharging Car Battery

overcharging a car battery is not a simple issue, it can cause huge damage to your car and it is a money matter too. There is a number of variables are involved with the fact of overcharging. Your car battery can die eventually if it overcharged. There is never a single side effect but there are more. Overcharged batteries of cars can boil the distilled water and the sulfuric acid mixture of a car. Your battery casing can turn to a hot box that is too much hot to touch just and I can cause the batteries to swell or melt eventually with time. If there are any sealed cells in the battery, flammable hydrogen may build up. It can be a reason for swelling of the battery under extreme pressure and can cause seepage through its small vents. As the hydrogen meets oxygen, it can be the explosive time of the bomb.   A very small electrical spark can even ignite this gas and can make the battery explode badly. It sends the lead and plastic shrapnel flying around it and the spray of caustic sulfuric acid.  This is the extreme side effect of an overcharged battery and can cause huge damage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Overcharging a battery is a wake-up call of car damage and you need to check it properly always. If you know the right method of battery charging of your car, you can avoid this issue often. Never connect the charger continuously for a longer period of time otherwise it will die and it can be difficult for you to recover the issue. You can call an expert or a mechanic also to check whether the battery is overcharging or if there any faulty reason.


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