My Computer Loses Battery Dies Quickly-Reason and Solution

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A laptop battery draining at a faster rate can be a problem. Many reasons can be causing your laptop battery to die soon. The battery drainage issue is mostly faced by everyone. It can also be because of some software-related problems with your laptop. 

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However, you should rule out all the reasons to find the specific one. If your laptop battery is older, it is very likely for the battery to drain faster, and you need to replace it for better performance. 

Laptop Battery Draining Quickly:

If your laptop battery is draining quickly, do not worry because you are not facing the problem alone. Many people are complaining of quick battery drainage of their laptops. It can be due to many reasons. You should check for all the reasons to know the name vision of your battery quick discharge.

Old Battery 

The most common reason is that the life of your battery is about to end, and you need to replace it quickly. It is because of the self-discharge phenomena of the batteries in which the Chemicals present inside the batteries Undergoes certain reactions. These reactions reduce the amount of stored charge a battery can hold. 


If there is too much processing running in the background, it can also be because of an application that is heavier, for example, heavy games or such files, which are causing your battery to drain faster. If too many programs are running at the same time, it is also the cause of battery drainage. Sometimes background applications are draining the battery faster than the application running on the desktop.

System Changes

Any short circuit that has happened without your knowledge can also cause your battery to drain faster. You should check for the problems with the circuit. A worn-out alternator belt can also be a problem which is why you should consider it. If there are loose disconnected or broken wires, this is the cause of your faster battery drainage we should be taken care of by replacing the circuit. 

Advanced Options

Some of the advanced options present in the laptop cause its performance to increase, which needs a high power supply. This affects the battery life and causes it to drain faster.

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If your laptop is running high on-screen brightness, it can also be the reason for battery drainage. If Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled, this is the common reason for battery drainage. If you want to save your battery for a longer time, it is recommended to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

Peripheral devices

If there are too many peripheral devices, this can also cause your laptop battery to drain faster. Any fault with the drivers and Windows can also be a problem which is why you have to refresh the windows and drivers from time to time to avoid such complications. The presence of too many network connections can also be causing the problem. 

If my Mac battery runs out of charge quickly?

Your Apple Mac batteries can work for a longer time as compared to other batteries; however, they can be problems with them too. Recently most people are complaining about their Mac battery running out of charge quickly. This is because of various complications. 

Check the battery status.

If you run out of power quickly when it comes to a Mac notebook battery, you should immediately check the battery status. Battery of your Mac must be the reason for the problem because there are certain complications associated with the battery of the laptops, including the Mac. You should contact your Mac laptop provider to look into the matter for better guidance.

Turn on the battery percentage.

To keep track of your Mac battery, it is recommended to turn the battery percentage on. This will provide you a clear idea about the battery drainage per hour caused by your computer. You can also go for turning on the battery saver because it will stop the applications running on in the background. 

How to stop my laptop battery from draining so fast?

There are many ways through which you can stop your laptop battery from draining at a faster rate. You can take measures that can be helpful for your laptop battery life.


Monitor Screen Brightness and Power Setting

The first thing you can do to maintain your battery for a longer time is to keep your screen brightness maintained. It is recommended to go for lower screen brightness because it will like the battery to stay for a longer time. You should also monitor the power settings in the setting option of your laptop. You can go for additional power settings through which you can run an optimized plan on your computer. 

Keep your network connections less.

You should go to the connection setting and look for the number of connections that are linked to your computer. It is recommended to block out the extra connections because they are one of the reasons causing your battery to drain faster.

Remove the unnecessary programs.

Most of the time, such programs are running in the background, which is of no use. You should look for the programs installed on your computer and uninstall the ones that you do not need anymore. This will also lessen the number of background applications. Background applications can also be stopped from running if you turn on the battery saver for your computer. 

Update the software.

Software problems can also be the reason for your battery drainage. This is why you have to keep your software updated. After every 2-3 months, you should update your software. If you are facing battery drainage, it is assigned to update your software soon. The circuit should also be changed immediately if it is the cause of the problem because it will only make your computer's battery worse.

Final Remarks:

Some of the basic reasons which are causing laptop batteries to drain faster are mentioned in the above text. You can also take measures to stop your laptop battery from getting drained.


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