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Battery Lifespan iPhone-Introduction, Battery Health And Bad Signs

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If you're an iPhone lover, you won't deny that the battery is the backbone of your iPhone. Because it always keeps your phone powered up and ready for anything you need. That's why it's essential to take care of it properly so that you can prolong its life.  After all, is there anything more miserable than your phone dying?

Battery health is important; that's why we've put together a guide to help you keep your iPhone battery as long as possible safe and robust.

Here you can acquaint with which iPhone has a long battery life, how much battery health is suitable for iPhone, or what are the signs of bad battery on iPhone. So, without wasting your valuable time, let's dive in:

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Which iPhone has a long battery life?

You're interested in having a new iPhone, but you want to find out which one has the most extended battery life. Not surprisingly, battery life is a huge factor in buying a new iPhone—the longer the battery lasts, the longer you can use your iPhone! In this guide, we will address the queries, "Which iPhone has the best battery life?"

The iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the best live battery, Apple says. Both handsets are designed to last twelve hours of video streaming, twenty hours of video playback, and 80 audio playback hours.

The iPhones 11 Pro Max will last longer in the real world. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has 3,969 mAh of the largest iPhone battery size. It should last 30 hours of talk time. Apple didn't give the iPhone 12 Pro Max a talk time battery life.

When you connect to the 5G networks, the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery will be drained quicker. To connect to 5G, Apple could not build a device on a 5G chip yet, so it needed to add a second chip into the iPhone 12 line. Unfortunately, this secondary chip has a lot of capacity, so your iPhone is connected to 5G instead of 4G and will possibly drain faster. So, in the end, iPhone 11 Pro Max wins the battle when comparing who has the long-lasting battery life.

How much battery health is good for iPhone?

You may assume that since your iPhone's maximum capacity starts at 100 percent, it's the only situation that can be called optimal. That's not accurate, however. Apple sees any iPhone with an 80% or higher battery capacity as being in optimal condition.

Apple feels so strongly about the batteries' health that its 1-year warranty protects any battery at or above 80%. It's no odd to see iPhones with a battery capacity of 95 percent or higher after one year.

The explanation for this is a form of fail-safe: Apple designs its batteries with excess energy, ensuring that it does not necessarily use all of its potential processing power when its Battery Health accounts for 100 percent. Even at 80 percent, your phone is still running under optimum conditions.

Now you know the optimum condition of battery health, but how do you check the status. Scroll below to see the Battery Status of Your iPhone.

You can find your battery health on any iPhone with iOS 11.3 or later installed by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. It is important to remember that this feature is only available for iPhone 6 and any model that came after it.

You can also see a significant secondary metric on your Battery Health screen: Peak Performance Capability. In fact, because of the nuance described above, this screen may be more critical than power.

If your battery is running optimally to support all of your applications, you'll see a simple message that your phone is running at usual peak efficiency. If your battery is worn and is probably in need of repair, you can see a message that it is degraded and should be replaced.

If you see a warning alert, your phone will still operate, but the time between the charging periods will be significantly shorter. The message will only appear when your battery capacity is at or below 79 percent.

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What are the signs of a bad iPhone battery?

If you have an iPhone for more than a year, there's a fair chance that the answer to that question is yes. According to Apple, the battery will receive 500 full charging cycles while maintaining 80 percent of its original power. So, if you put your iPhone on charge every day, the battery will want to display signs of wear.

Look out for the following problems, as they show that the time might be right now to upgrade your iPhone battery.

1. Your iPhone Shuts Down Suddenly

If your iPhone abruptly shuts down while the battery still has a decent charge, it's not a good sign. A calibration problem may be blamed – simple to fix with a full charge and a soft reset – shutting down suddenly is more likely due to a worn battery. You may need a new iPhone battery to prevent potential shutdowns.

2. Your iPhone Works When Plugged In

Your iPhone is meant to work when it's charging – but not only when it's charging. If you unplug your phone from the charger and it dies immediately, that's not natural. The battery may not be lifeless, but you will need to replace it if you want to end your dependency on an external power source.

3. Your iPhone Is Hot to the Touch

When you pick up your smartphone, you're not expected to feel any heat – the battery is built to prevent the heat from recharging inside. If you use your smartphone to take selfies in the sun, or if you're sitting on your car dashboard on a hot day, that's why it feels hot. However, if you don't have a reason for the weather, you probably need a new iPhone battery.

4. Your battery outgrew your iPhone

Why are you reading this? If your battery has outgrown the case, it needs to be replaced! Even if this is not swelling badly, prompt steps are required to dispose of the battery safely.

The Final Verdict

We hope you got to know about battery health and the sign when your iPhone battery dies. So, it is recommended you always check your battery health on a regular basis.


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