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Second Car Battery for Accessories-Isolator and Dual Battery System

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Since the beginning of time people have thought of ways that can be used in order to make the lives of not just them but the people around them much easier and convenient. Nowadays technology is on the rise and people have invented so many things that can help them communicate and transport over a large distance of 100 Kilometres in just a little while. The same is the case of cars these are transport vehicles that are able to carry not just the humans but the luggage they carry with them do any place of desire. However sometimes the battery of the car may not work perfectly and it has the risk of making the entire trip worthless this may even jeopardise your important work that would have led you to Heights of new success. 

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Why add a second car battery?

Sometimes when you are driving a car your battery may get depleted. This is something that cannot be known before it has happened. If for some reason your battery is depleted then you will only know about it when you are restarting your car for your next journey or you are on the way and stopped for gas. This can be very annoying for most people because they have lives that require them to be on time on various places. For these types of people punctuality means everything and when this sort of mishap happens it can really jeopardise their work routine and a delay mean something that is very bad for their business or their job. So these types of people have created a solution of their own in which they are able to make sure that they reach the various destinations on time. What they have done is that they have attached a second battery to the already present battery.

This results in an auxiliary power source that protects them from going out. This dual battery system has so many advantages that one cannot even imagine, for starters it will protect your car battery from overcharging and being undercharged. How you may ask well it is simple since now the two batteries are connected if the battery overcharges it can shift its charge to the auxiliary power source therefore reducing the damage that would have happened to an individual battery source. 

This is very important because electronically they can shift the number of charges do another source of power that can then be utilised later on, this way both the extra charge is saved and neither the battery is damaged. The other great advantage of this is being that the battery if undercharged the auxiliary power source will provide the necessary charges for the car to ignition and then charge it. There are so many advantages of this and this is just one in the next paragraph we will discuss the other advantage of it. 

Another advantage of having an auxiliary power source or battery in your car installed is that this battery source of energy protects your lights and other appliances within your car such as your tape recorder and speakers from blowing out due to short circuits that happen because of a low voltage current. If for some reason your individual battery is weak the current supplied by it can really damage the appliances of the car because they are not meant to run at that low voltage. Therefore this is another important advantage of having a auxiliary or a secondary power source attached or fixed into your car. 

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Car Battery Isolator

A battery isolator is an electrical device or application that has the ability to divide the direct current or DC current into several branches so that it can charge each individual battery that has been installed in your vehicle at the same time. It makes sure that the battery is fully charged in every section, with the help of a battery isolator you can simultaneously charge more than one battery from a single output source, the only thing that you must be careful about is that you are connecting the battery terminals together in a parallel arrangement. 

How to Install a Second Car Battery

Installing another battery in your car there must be some changes that have to be made in the cars hardware. Since most cars already come fitted with a single individual battery to add another battery you must make some changes in the car. Installing a second battery can be tough but there are some things that you must keep in mind before we install them. 1st is that you must have the appropriate things present nearby you for installation of a second battery a second battery needs a battery isolator; It needs a tray, that can hold the battery in place. This tray must be made of steel and should be made sure that it belongs to a heavy duty class of material. This is because it has to carry almost 15 kilograms of extra load of the battery and therefore in tough off road conditions there can be certain corrugations or vibrations that can cause damage to the interior of the car or the battery. You will have to fix that steel tray into the hood of the car and into the body of the car with tight bolts and screws so that the battery does not vibrate and cause problems.

How to install a dual battery system?

The dual battery system can be easily installed in almost any vehicle all you have to do is that get yourselves a nice strong steel tray that can be embedded into the body of the car, make sure that you get the right sized screws and bolts That can be fitted in your car.

Then you will have to install the battery isolator as mentioned above and then your work is done all you have to do is make sure that the batteries are connected to the battery isolator and the tree is properly fixed, give it a rug and a tug,  And see if it is vibrating or not. If it is vibrating and there is risk that when you go off road the battery will shake then you have to make sure that that does not happen.


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