NiMH RC Batteries – Introduction, Safety And Cost

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Even though RC cars have been around for quite a while now, they have always been on the list of the top gifts to buy for young children. In fact, many adults who have a particular taste for the old and shiny love these products as well.

However, RC cars have never been perfect and most of the times, the batteries run out as soon as it starts getting fun. We all remember having to swap out the AA cells or recharging the battery for our RCs every hour or so, right?

What is the best battery for an RC car?

You don’t have to lie to yourself: we have all wanted our RC cars to last longer. Whether it be a tactic that we got off YouTube or something we made up ourselves just to twist with the natural laws of physics, all of us with RC cars constantly question ourselves the method that could help us prolong our fun the most!

What would be the most comfortable way to improve our RC car’s longevity than through the use of an effective RC car?

Types of effective batteries for RC cars:

Here is a list of the most effective batteries that have been used in RC cars in the past couple of years and have received generally good reviews:


The most common form of Alkaline used batteries are those AA cells that you can still find for pretty cheap. Alkaline batteries are non-rechargeable but really cheap in the short run.


the combination of Nickel Cadmium is generally expensive and does not necessarily dispose as easily, but is rechargeable.


The most popular type of batteries, LiPo is in use almost everywhere: your smartphone, electric razor and almost any other electronic that is rechargeable runs on Li-Po.


They usually come pre-packaged in modern recharged RC cars and although heavy, can effectively deal with steadily decreasing voltage.

Ultimate answer to the question:

Now that we know what the different effective battery types are, from considerable tests and researches, we can safely say that NiMH is the most effective and best battery for any RC car: they are easy to dispose of, they are rechargeable and are usually pre-installed in many RC cars.

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Are NiMH RC batteries dangerous?

Now that we have acknowledged that NiMH batteries are the best batteries to be used in an RC car, we have compiled a simple working that will help you understand how they work:

Working of NiMH RC batteries:

NiMH is short for Nickel-metal hydride. These are special batteries that contain an alkaline electrolyte.

  • The positive electrode is nickel hydroxide and the negative electrode is just hydrogen.

  • When charging a NiMH cell, the battery is usually kept at a charging voltage of about 1.4-1.6 V per cell. It is generally advised against using fast charging for NiMH batteries, as they can permanently damage cells.

  • The charging voltage is constant throughout the charging, unlike in LiPo batteries where the charging slows down at the end. It is recommended using a lower duty cycle approach to extend battery life.

  • The average full-charged NiMH cell provides an average of 1.25 V per cell during discharge – though this figure declines to about 1.0-1.1 V per cell.

  • It is generally recommended against over-discharging a NiMH battery as it can lead to reverse polarities. This damage cannot be reversed and the batteries will eventually have to be replaced at some time in the future.


Is it dangerous to possess or use a NiMH battery?

NiMH batteries are not dangerous by any means, as long as they are bought from a reliable party. Though they originally had a very high self-discharge rate, this problem has become less evident over the years. The average NiMH cell loses only 20% of its battery capacity in one year when kept at 20 °C.

All modern NiMH batteries come equipped with a special safety valve. This valve is actually a resettable fuse that is kept in series combination with the cell. The fuse is set to work if the temperature gets too high, or the battery starts receiving more current than it can handle.

Though many modern NiMH batteries come equipped with a special controller that can handle overcharging, it is still recommended against overcharging your RC car.

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How much do NiMH RC batteries cost?

NiMH RC batteries have been around for almost two decades now, and have received a lot of innovation in the first half of 2000. However, since their design hasn’t changed much since the early 2010s, you can find them for pretty cheap nowadays.

NiMH RC batteries are usually more expensive than LiPo batteries, but only because they haven’t been overused as much. However, where you will find LiPo batteries to be going out of stock, NiMH batteries won’t. They also last considerably longer and have a better charging time.

Brands and their average prices:

Here are a few brands of NiMH RC batteries that you should know about and their average prices:

Floreon Lipo RC – Floreon is a brand that represents both performance and quality. This is why you see their batteries being the most common in all RC cars. The average Floreon Lipo RC battery can cost anywhere between to , depending on the quality and size of the pack.

Tenergy High Power – The average Tenergy High Power battery pack consists of two NiMH batteries joined as one. Because there are two batteries, they charge twice as fast, are simple and affordable to use. Their standard size makes them easy to use as well. The 7.2V battery pack with 6 cells costs only .

Flylinktech battery – FlyLinkTech 7.2V is basically 6 NiMH cells joined to together in your average consumer-grade box. It is able to power monster trucks, Traxxas and various other RC vehicles. It is exceptionally popular because of its price: at only , it beats the market by a vast margin.

Final Thoughts:

We have figured out every aspect related to NiMH RC Batteries above. These batteries are not dangerous and they can serve your needs in a good way.

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