Battery Slow Charging - Fixing, Charging And Protection

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Almost every electronic you know works on battery, or at least some sort of utilization that is based on batteries. With so many of your important everyday devices working on a battery implementation, you are bound to run into battery charging issues every now and then.

Since no device is made perfect, and devices running on electricity are bound to run into issues, we should know how to deal with them. Mobile phones, especially, run into slow charging issues very often. we have compiled a guide that can help you fix issues with slow charging as well as a few other facts that you should know about:

How do you fix the slow charging?

Before we can fix the slow charging of your phone, we have to figure out what might be causing the slow charging in the first place. Here are a few things that you can try to fix the slow charging of your phone:

Clean Your Charging Port

If you have been using your smartphone for more than a few months, especially in a dusty environment, your phone’s charging port is bound to attract a lot of dust and other elements. The charging port is magnetic and since dust can accumulate into magnetic places – silicon is magnetic and a part of dust, too much dust can make it hard for electricity to properly flow into your phone.?

Here is how you can clean your charging port:

  • Find yourself one of those toothpicks or ear swabs.

  • Gently rub the toothpick or swab into the charging port.

  • Ensure that you are trying to throw the dust out, not push it in. Maintain an angle of no more than 80°.?

  • You need to redo this again and again for few minutes.

After cleaning your port, use a flashlight to check whether your charging port still has any dust or grime lurking about. After successfully cleaning your port, plug your phone in the charger and you might see your battery slow charging issue to be resolved.?

Factory Reset Your Device

If your phone used to charge fast before and has stopped charging fast, it might be an issue with the software of your phone.?

Factory resetting your phone might just do the trick and help you fix the problem that you are running into. However, do only try this after you have tried every other method that we have mentioned here.?

Once you do a factory reset on your smartphone, all data will be lost.?

Check Your Charger Or Data Cable

If the problem is neither with your phone’s charging port or its software, the problem might be with the output voltage of your charger. You can use a special application like Ampere to check the voltage that is entering your phone. If it is considerably lower than the advertised charger’s overall capacity, the issue might be the charger or the data cable.?

Broken or bent data cables can make your phone’s battery charge slowly – especially if you own an Apple’s Lighting cable or Type-B (MicroUSB 2.0) cable.?

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Is it better to charge a battery slowly?

With the controversy behind fast charging and the entire world shifting towards extremely fast charging times, surely there must be a disadvantage to this super-fast charging. With companies pushing 33W, 65W or even 100W fast charge on their mobile phones, one question arises: is it better to charge a battery slowly?

We can help:

  • All batteries have a life cycle

  • Batteries do degrade over time

  • Slow charging can keep your phone’s temperature under control

Batteries Have A Life Cycle

All batteries have a specific life cycle that they follow because they are made of chemicals. There is a basic rule that faster chemical reactions considerably reduce the lifetime of a battery. Charging a battery slowly will help you increase the battery’s life cycle considerably.?

Batteries Degrade Over Time

All batteries degrade over time. This is true. If you own a high-quality Apple phone right now that you have used for no more than a few weeks, you will see that your phone’s battery health is at 99% or similar effect right now. This will fall to 80-85% in a year. Slow charging can help slow down the degradation of the battery.

Decrease Phone Temperature

It is obvious physics that the faster something charges, the hotter it gets. Companies have been able to introduce super-fast charging by implementing different techniques, but there is no doubt that the faster you go with charging, the hotter the phone will get. This is one of the main reasons why the tragedy of Samsung Note 7 ever happened.?

In short, it is better to charge your battery slowly if you want your smartphone to last longer. The faster you will charge, the faster your battery will lose its capability to hold a charge.?

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Is fast-charging damaging the battery?

Let us get some facts straight. Whether or not you charge your battery, it does get degraded over time. However, when you charge your phone, this battery degradation is increased considerably.

Faster Charging Means Faster Discharging

The faster you charge your phone, the faster your battery will lose its battery. This is why it seems like slow charging keeps the battery lasting longer, albeit not by a long margin.?

Faster Charging Will Increase Your Phone’s Temperature

Faster charging will promote the phone’s temperature considerably. Since most batteries are located right next to the motherboard and most phones don’t have a good thermal system, these batteries will also:

  • Raise the CPU’s temperature?

  • Make your phone hang/stutter

  • Decrease the lifetime of the battery

There Is A Limit To How Fast You Should Charge

Studies suggest that there should be a limit to how fast you should be charging your smartphone’s battery. It all depends on the phone’s battery capacity. For example, if you have a 5000 mAh phone, charging at 30W should keep the damage dealt with to a minimum. Any more than that will considerably degrade your phone’s battery. If you have a 4000 mAh phone, go for around 20-25W charging and so on.?

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this guide has helped you fix your phone’s slow battery charging as well as figure out the various factors why you should go for slow battery charging as well as stay away from fast charging.

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