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Battery Calibration Laptop- Introduction, Method And Advantages

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You might be aware that your laptop battery is served best through shallow discharges and continuous top-offs. However, calibrating your laptop's battery often is vital too—if not done regularly, then the display icon that gives you how much charging is left can be drastically inaccurate.

Battery Calibration is a technique of mending the battery stats displayed wrong and giving incorrect battery remaining run time. We'd recommend you to make it a regular laptop cleaning ritual, maybe each calendar l year in the summers or every half a year or so. The calibrating process for your laptop battery is not tough—it's basically the method of discharging your battery completely to empty and then charging it completely back up to 100%, and some companies even provide integrated programs that will do this for you. If you want to do it manually, then you can do that too. All new purchased laptops and tablets should be calibrated as soon after the purchase. This benefits your laptop to get an exact reading on the battery's remaining run time left. Lacking calibration, the battery ratio reading will be inappropriate, and your computer may act oddly—turning off suddenly even if the new battery "orates" partial charged, or being occupied with your laptop for long hours even if the battery shows closely dead, according to Apple inc. You need not worry about calibration, as OS X  automatically does it for you.

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Is laptop battery calibration necessary?

It doesn't matter how great well you maintain your laptop's battery usage, and its capacity will definitely decrease over time as a result of factors that can't be avoided, like regular normal usage, age of battery, and heating up. If the battery isn't permitted to operate from 100% to 0% often, the battery's meter won't recognize how much power is really there in the battery.

Manufacturers, in general, advise calibrating the battery after every 2 to 3 months—this aid in keeping the battery readings correct.

In actuality, you really don't have to do it very often if you're not too tensed regarding your laptop's battery readings to be totally correct. However, if you do not calibrate the battery often, you may ultimately spot your laptop to be suddenly shutting down while you're working on it — without any beforehand notification. When this occurs, it's really time to calibrate the laptop's battery.

How to calibrate your laptop's battery?

Here’s how to calibrate your laptop’s battery with a step-by-step guide:

i.Standard calibration

Many companies offer built-in calibration programs integrated into the BIOS.

Step 1

Turn on your laptop and press F2; choose the power menu in the top tab.

Step 2

Select start battery calibration and tap on "Enter."

Step 3

Wait for the display to turn blue.

Step 4

The battery will continue to get discarded until it's completed discharged and the system shuts down. After that, plug in the adapter to charge it completely; when the battery has been completely changed, the calibration process is complete.

ii)Manual calibration process

If the standard process is inapplicable on your laptop, then you'll have to do it manually

Step 1

After booting the system, go to 'power management settings' on your laptop.

Step 2

Select 'change plan settings.'

Step 3

Go to 'Change advance power settings' and press on 'battery.' Select 'critical battery action' and select 'hibernate' option.

Further, select 'critical battery level' and make it 5%.

Step 4

After updating all the settings, close all the applications that are running. Disconnect it from the adapter and let it shut down after complete discharge.

After giving a pause of some hours, plug the adapter again and charge the battery up to 100%.

Keep in mind that if you would like to calibrate your battery when the laptop not in utilization, then you should make the below options are “Never”, which are

?Dim the display

?Turn off the display

?Put the computer to sleep

Let the laptop sit for a while until it switches off automatically. Upon the calibration, make sure that all the above power settings are configured to the normal values before you use your laptop again.

So, these are two ways to calibrate your laptop’s battery. You can choose the one that you find the most hassle-free and convenient for you. Or if the first method doesn’t work, then try the manual one.

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Does battery calibration really work?

Here comes the most common question – does battery calibration works? So, you’re not alone with this concern.

Well, if you’re talking about whether battery calibration works to improve your device’s battery life, then the short answer is no. Keep in mind that battery calibration is all about a precise reading of your battery life. It doesn’t bolster battery life. Indeed, that’s a very old misconception before we had Li-ion batteries, smart sensors and smart chips in laptops and smartphones.

We hope that you now got an answer to the question.

In Conclusion

If you recently purchased a new laptop, then there might be some other fault with the controller, and calibrating the battery at home won't work. Try contacting the company for the same. Apart from that, some things need to be kept in mind for longer battery life, such as shutting the laptop down properly, removing unnecessary apps, and charging periodically. Be it any device, and maintenance is a must, no matter what. Any computer or mobile, if run excessively every day without giving it proper care, can lead to permanent damage to the battery and other parts of the computer. When an appliance is working that hard for you, it's vital that you take care of it. Not only are these objects being expensive to exchange, but changing your computer and moving information can be time-consuming. It can also lead to lost data and information.


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