Duracell Car Battery Warranty - Checking, Receipt, and Date Code

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People use batteries for a lot of reasons. If you look around yourself we can immediately spot about five things that are battery operated. If you think about it these batteries play an important role in making our life a lot easier today. Without them, the technological benefits we reap will be severely limited. When you are in the market to buy some batteries, you encounter a lot of options. There are lots of brands and types. It is much easier to decide on a type rather than the brand. Whatever you need the batteries for they already come with a specification for you to know what type of battery you require. But the brand is a whole different matter.

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Duracell is a well-renowned brand for batteries. With Duracell batteries, you will never go wrong because it is the number 1 leading brand that offers reliability and performance with various options for batteries and specialty cells. Today Duracell is the number one trusted brand among consumers and its products are used worldwide. These batteries are dependable and last longer. The most common type of battery is the Duracell coppertop. There are all-purpose alkaline batteries too that come with a 10-year guarantee while in storage. Another famous type of Duracell battery is the rechargeable ones which are very convenient and as they are a long term investment. You have to buy them once and then you can use them for years by recharging them whenever needed. They require lesser charges and keep working for a long time. This makes them stand out from the competition. Out of all the types of Duracell batteries the car batteries are the most popular as they are reliable and offer high performance for the cars. If you want quality and reliability you must choose Duracell for your car.

Duracell Car Batteries

Duracell makes reliable long-lasting car batteries that keep working without a hitch for about 12 constructive months before needing a recharge. Even with car batteries, Duracell offers a variety of types for the battery according to the car’s requirements. The best part is that these batteries come with a remarkable warranty which is enough to convince yourself to use them in your car.

Duracell Car Battery Warranty Check

Duracell offers a varying warranty period for different types of batteries which are mentioned in the product manual in detail. If you have a Duracell battery in your car and you would like to check your warranty, you can simply refer to the user manual. Duracell car batteries carry a limited warranty which means that you need to retain your receipt of battery purchase to claim it. The warranty starts from that date of purchase to somewhere between 2 to 5 years. If there is a problem with the battery, the manufacturer or the distributor will replace or repair that battery if the defect for the unit is covered under the warranty. To claim a warranty, you need to show the dated receipt as evidence along with the condition that the product has to be handled as described in the manual for the warranty to be applicable. Generally, the warranty for Duracell car batteries does not cover abuse of battery, capacity misuse of the battery, or negligence. If any of these reasons are the case, you will not get to claim a warranty.

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Duracell batteries used for cars are top of the line and when they are used with care and according to the instructions provided in the manual, the users rarely need to claim the warranty. However, it is advised that you keep the receipt of purchase with you and will require the serial number of the battery to claim warranty if need be. The serial number is mentioned on the battery itself. It would be prudent to note down this number and keep it with the recipe for any future use.

Duracell Car Battery Warranty without Receipt

Duracell is a high-end brand so naturally, there are counterfeits in the market. The company itself advises buying Duracell car batteries only from the authorized seller and no one else. Whenever you need to claim the warranty, a receipt will be required. It helps ensure the authenticity of the seller for the battery as well as the date of purchase from which the warranty period initiates to calculate the validity of the claim. If the claim is made within the warranty period then the company will replace or repair the battery under its warranty policy. In cases where you do not have the receipt, you can contact the manufacturer or distributor and provide them the date of purchase. They may be able to provide you a copy of the receipt from their records. If that is not possible either, call the helpline provided by Duracell and give them the serial number mentioned on the battery. They still may be able to help out and accept your claim.

Where Is The Date Code On A Duracell Car Battery?

Duracell batteries have a shelf life of 12 months and the warranty period starts after that. You can easily identify that date with the 6 character code mention on the battery itself. The code has the pattern ym dd-xx. In this code y stands for the year, m stands for the month and dd is the date. Then there is xx which is an alphanumeric code mention by the company for internal identification/use.

If you buy a brand new car you, do not need to check the battery for the date code you can simply check the driver side door mirror. It has a sticker attached with the battery details. If your car has a replaced battery then you should mention the serial number and the date code on the purchase receipt and keep it safe just in case. Claiming a warranty is simply easier if you have the receipt. So make sure to save your receipt and avoid any complications in the future.


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