How can 12v lithium battery and lead acid battery charger be used?

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Due to the rapid development of lithium battery technology, the popularity rate is getting higher and higher. Some electric fish enthusiasts feel that they are too heavy after buying lead-acid batteries, and then purchase 12v lithium batteries for electric fish machines that are light and easy to carry. But they can’t help questioning: can the lead-acid battery charger be used for 12v lithium battery? Information shows that this is not feasible.


This is because the lead-acid battery charger is generally set to a two-stage or three-stage charging mode, and the voltage level of the 12v lithium battery and the lead-acid battery are not matched. There are also many kinds of lithium batteries, and the battery performance and battery protection board parameters may be different. Therefore, lithium batteries do not have the same general-purpose battery charger as lead-acid batteries. Generally speaking, the 12v lithium battery is equipped with a special charger when it leaves the factory. In order to protect the lithium battery, it is best to use the corresponding lithium battery charger.


The following are the things to note when charging a 12v lithium battery:


1. In order to extend the life of the 12v lithium battery, it is necessary to charge and discharge the lithium battery frequently. To develop the habit of charging after using 80% of the electricity, you must not wait until the electricity is fully used before charging. In addition, lithium batteries should not be stored for a long time.


2. When giving a 12v lithium battery, the battery cannot be turned upside down. When charging, it should be fully charged at one time. It should not be charged multiple times, which will affect the service life of the battery.


3, 12v lithium battery cannot be stored in the state of loss, even if the battery is not used, it should be fully charged every month.


4, 12v lithium battery need to use the matching charger when charging, because the battery raw material and lithium battery production process is different, the technical requirements of the charger are not the same, so only use the 12v lithium battery dedicated charger to make the lithium battery Longer life and prevent safety hazards.


5. When the 12v lithium battery is out of power, it should be stopped immediately, and the voltage should not be used to prevent serious power loss, so as to extend the battery life.


6. Charging the 12v lithium battery, when the charging indicator shows full power, charge it for another 1 hour. It is not necessary to stop charging immediately when the indicator shows full power.


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