How to store the lithium battery

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Lithium batteries are used in more and more fields because of their large capacity and no memory effect. How should they be stored under any environmental conditions?


1. The lithium battery


Lithium primary battery is also called lithium battery. It can be discharged continuously or intermittently. Once the power is exhausted, it can no longer be used. This type of battery is widely used in electronic products with low power consumption.


The lithium primary battery has a very low self-discharge and can be stored for 3 years. It can be stored under refrigerated conditions and the effect will be better. It is a good idea to store the lithium primary battery in a low temperature place. Note: Lithium primary battery is different from lithium ion battery. Lithium primary battery can't be charged, charging is very dangerous!


2. Lithium ion batteries


Lithium ion batteries are also known as secondary lithium batteries. Under the 20 can be stored for more than six months, it is because of its low self-discharge rate, and most of capacity can be restored.


Lithium battery self-discharge phenomenon, if the battery voltage is below 3.6 V saved for long, can cause the battery discharge and damage the battery internal structure, reduce battery life. So long-term preservation lithium battery should be once every 3 ~ 6 months to repair electric, namely to charging voltage is 3.8 ~ 3.9 V (lithium storage battery the best voltage of 3.85 V or so), it is advisable to keep in 40% 60% depth of discharge, should not be filled. Batteries are to be kept at 4 ~ 35 or moisture-proof packaging in dry environment. Stay away from heat source, also do not put in direct sunlight.


Lithium battery just bought by that time, only a little electricity, this is due to the storage performance of lithium-ion batteries is to measure the battery integrated performance stability is an important parameter. The lithium battery manufacturers can store just production of lithium batteries after a certain time, just let the factory sales, this is to let among components of the lithium battery electrochemistry performance is stable, in order to guarantee the quality of the battery. So all of you have charge in advance before use.




1. Lithium batteries should not be stored for a long time. They should be kept at 50%-60% state of charge. Recharge should be done once every 3 months, and should be charged and discharged once every six months.


2, in the transportation process, should pay attention to moisture, moisture, avoid extrusion, collision, etc., in order to avoid battery damage.


3. It is forbidden to use or place the battery under high temperature (in hot sunlight or in a very hot car), otherwise it may cause the battery to overheat, fire or function failure, and shorten the life.


4. It is forbidden to store in places with strong static electricity and strong magnetic field, otherwise it will easily damage the battery safety protection device and bring hidden dangers.


5. If the battery emits odor, heat, discoloration, deformation, or any abnormality during use, storage, or charging, immediately remove the battery from the device or charger and disable it.


6. Discard the battery with insulating paper to cover the electrode to prevent fire and explosion.


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