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Can I mail alkaline batteries?

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Alkaline batteries are widely used in electronic devices such as radios, toys, flashlights, CD players, etc. They are usually small in size and come in different shapes. If you want to send alkaline batteries to other countries, then you need to know the options available in your country. Some of them include postal services, air cargo, and parcel services that provide ways to reach a destination on time. However, you cannot send alkaline batteries through postal services in some countries due to high restrictions. Therefore, you should make sure that the postal departments accept alkaline batteries or not.

If you are living in the US, you can choose USPS (US Postal Service) when you want to send alkaline batteries to domestic locations. You can use options such as priority mail, first class package, priority mail express, or parcel select ground offered by USPS. 

Can I ship alkaline batteries internationally?

You can ship alkaline batteries to international countries through the air cargo. On the other hand, you need to make sure that they are well-packed to avoid potential threats. Since alkaline batteries come under dry batteries categories, they require more attention when sending them through cargo services. 

Cargo companies allow you to ship alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, C, and D provided they should meet certain requirements. If you want to send them by air cargo, then you should visit the IATA (International Airport Transport Association) website to know the rules and regulations. At the same time, make sure that dry batteries are not listed under hazardous materials. Alkaline batteries should comply with the special provision act of the IATA while shipping them to international countries. 

All batteries catch fire and you should ensure that alkaline batteries are highly protected from terminals and short-circuit problems. You can ship dry batteries internationally which are less than 9 volts. Alkaline batteries that exceed 9 volts require special instructions followed by the IATA. If you want to send alkaline batteries through IATA in the US, make sure that you know the rules and regulations properly. When you have any doubts, you can contact IATA authorities to handle complex issues. 

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Can I ship alkaline batteries via UPS?

You can also send alkaline batteries to international countries through parcel services such as UPS. The US parcel delivery company has offices in more than 200 countries worldwide and you can send alkaline batteries with ease. UPS utilizes vehicles for domestic delivery and air cargo for international delivery. 

However, you need to get pre-approval from UPS when you want to send alkaline batteries domestically and internationally. You should follow certain steps to obtain pre-approval while shipping dry batteries to international countries. 

You should first download the pre-approval application form online. UPS requires some important details when sending alkaline batteries. Some of them include your phone number, email address, name, and title. You should provide the shipping address and the services you want to use.

UPS offers small package and air cargo services to you while shipping alkaline batteries to other countries. A package or parcel that is less than 150 lbs or 70 kg comes under the small package category. Besides this, you need to know the approved UPS countries and territories before sending alkaline batteries. Small package service involves some limitations and you should understand them in detail. 

UPS will send a notification to your email after getting the pre-approval. However, it is not enough and you need to submit a test report while shipping a battery unit. You need to submit a UN 38.3 test report or other certification that complies with the laws. You should provide the name and address of the agency that carries out the testing process. The report should include the date and location where the testing was performed. 

Apart from this, you should submit some other information that is not otherwise provided in the certification. They include the product name, manufacturer’s name, part name, the content of the battery, and digital picture of the battery. You should include a detailed description and digital pictures of the inner packs that are used for shipping to prevent short circuits. 

Shipping alkaline batteries to international countries through UPS involves several steps and you need to fulfill them. 

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How to safely pack batteries?

Safety is an important thing to consider while sending alkaline batteries to international destinations. 

Here are some tips to follow when you want to pack alkaline batteries safely. 

1. Identifying the Type 

Alkaline batteries contain zinc salts and other solids. They may also come with a combination of other metals. Some batteries are non-chargeable and rechargeable batteries involve nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride in the manufacturing process. Hence, it is wise for you to identify the type first before packing them. 

You should know the UN (United Nations) number of alkaline batteries correctly. It is a four-digit number that represents dangerous articles including batteries. UN3028 means that the batteries contain solid potassium hydroxide and UN3292 is a battery that contains sodium. 

2. Ensure the safety of alkaline batteries.

If you want to ship alkaline batteries that are above 9 volts, then you should protect them from potential threats. You should tape battery terminals or pack batteries individually for proper insulation. 

If you want to send several batteries, then you should separate them with a divider. You should ensure that there are any spaces left while packing them. This will help avoid shifting or movement in transit during the shipping process. You should consider placing batteries in a sturdy container. 

On the other hand, alkaline batteries that are below 9 volts don’t require terminal taping and other measures. You shouldn’t ship damaged, leakage, or defective batteries because they can lead to various problems. Therefore, you should check the quality of dry batteries before shipping them. 

3. Seal and label the package. 

The final step is that you should seal and label the package with more care when sending dry batteries to international countries. You should follow the H-taping technique while shipping alkaline batteries. Use should place the labels on the top of the package. 


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