What to Do If Specific Gravity of Battery is Low-Causes and Result 

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As you may be well aware, a battery is a device that is used to store charge for later use. Batteries have a variety of uses in situations where storage is required. Examples of areas where batteries are used include electronic devices such as electronics- mobile phones and watches, batteries are also used for mechanical purposes such as in vehicles, generators, factory engines among other areas. Batteries are widely used in these areas because they store the charge that is required to start engines and help in supplying power when there is none. Batteries are also used in conjunction with solar power for power storage. because batteries are essential, it is important to have details about their operations, how to solve battery-related problems and what to do in the event of certain circumstances.

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Specifically, here you will get all the information regarding the specific gravity of a battery, what to do when it is low and the causes and results. Specific gravity of the battery is the ratio of the battery’s liquid to be tested in relation to the density of water. A hydrometer is used when measuring the specific gravity of the battery and it does so by testing the state of the battery’s electrolyte. The higher the concentration of the acid, in the battery electrolyte, the higher the specific gravity of the battery. A low concentration of the acid on the electrolyte on the other hand means that the specific gravity of the battery is low. Low specific gravity of the battery is not good so something needs to be done.

What would be the best remedy if the specific gravity of the battery is too low?

If you test the specific gravity of your battery and you realize that it is low, there are remedies for that so that the battery can get back to its normal state of functioning. the intention of measuring the specific gravity of the battery is to ascertain the amount of charge it is left with. That means the lower higher the specific gravity of the battery the weaker it will be in terms of storing charge while the more concentrated it is the stringer and capable it is. Low specific gravity of the battery means that something is wrong and that something has to be done to avoid more severe issues.

When the specific gravity of the battery gest low, the best remedy is to increase the concentration of its electrolyte. Increasing the specific gravity of the battery will also increase the potency of its electrolyte for better performance. However, you will need to be cautious because when the potent of the battery is too high, it could be dangerous to the battery so it is important to keep the concentration of the battery electrolyte at an optimum state. In case the concentration gets too high, you will have to decrease it by adding some battery water into it. This water will neutralize the acid and hence reduce the extreme concentration of the electrolyte. The best and most recommended remedy for restoring the specific gravity of the battery is to add is to increase the acid concentration within its electrolyte. It is important to know the most accurate way of determining the specific gravity of a battery on each of its cells is to use a hydrometer.

What happens if battery gravity is low?

The specific gravity of the battery should be kept within the 1.180-1.240. low specific gravity decreases the capacity of the battery. Remember that the intention of having a battery is to have it store charge and have it in the right amounts whenever you need it. When the gravity of the battery is low, the battery is likely to lose charge faster than normal as well as lose its charge holding capacity. When a battery is fully charged the level of acidity of its electrolyte gets higher and when it is discharging the level of acidy gets low. There is an optimum level of acidy that should be maintained so that the battery can function effectively. When such happens and the ability of the battery to store charge is affected, the power of the battery is affected and so it is unable to function as much efficiently as before. If the battery was meant to power lights, the light will be bright only for short time and then remain dim for the rest of the time. Also, the period at which the battery is expected to keep pumping charge will reduce which will mean that it will compromise the activity that it was meant to do. In cars, the battery may not be able to start the car several times before it gets to full charge and it could easily lose all its charge if the vehicle radio, air conditioner, or any other electronic appliance is used in the car when the engine is not running. Low battery gravity will reduce the effectiveness of the battery in terms of its charge capacity and the extent of its draining. However, you also need to understand that high gravity will result in battery wear and destruction of its plates and so you should maintain your battery gravity between 1.180-1.240.

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What would cause a low specific gravity in a battery?

Low specific gravity is caused by two ways one being overcharged and the other being the addition of water to the battery cells. Both cases are however expected because they happen based on circumstances. Overcharging happens with time and over that period, the physical property of the lead sulfate in the battery becomes adamant which makes it hard to convert during the charging process. As a result, the specific gravity of the battery is decreased because of the disruption of the chemical reaction due to the adamant state of lead sulfate. On the other hand, water added to the battery to compensate for spillages or losses with time such as evaporation can lead to low specific gravity of the battery. The addition of water with time will reduce the specific gravity of the battery because it will be altering the concentration of the electrolyte with time. To avoid low specific gravity, it is necessary to check the specific gravity of the battery with time and add the concentration by adding acid to the battery to restore it to the optimum levels of specific gravity.


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