The Laptop Does not Recognize Battery Introduction and Fixing

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he laptop can have many issues with the battery, especially if the battery is not according to the type of the laptop. It would help if you were very careful when choosing a battery for your laptop. If you do not know about it and are doing it for the first time, you can also go for professional help because it will make things very easy. 

Sometimes your laptop battery will be plugged in, but it will not be charging. It is because of many reasons. You will also get the sign "no battery is detected" on your laptop, but you can fix it after a little effort. You have to be sure about many things when you are purchasing a battery for your laptop. 

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Why is my laptop battery not charging even after plugged in?

There are some conditions in which your battery will be plugged in, but it will not be charging. It can be very frustrating, especially if you do not know what the reason is for it. If you know about laptops and their parts, you have to check a few things immediately before taking them to a professional. There can be several reasons that will lead to this condition.

Faulty Motherboard

The motherboard is one of the important parts of the laptop, and without it, your laptop will not be functioning properly. Due to the importance of this part, it is named a motherboard. If the motherboard is not working properly, it can happen that your laptop will not charge even if it is plugged in., you should open the laptop and check the condition of the motherboard. 

If you have an extra motherboard, you can also change the motherboard to see if there is anything wrong with that. If you do not see any change after replacing the motherboard, there will be other issues with the laptop.

The charging circuit is damaged.

The laptop's charging circuit is also very important for charging your laptop properly. If there is any fault associated with the laptop's charging circuit, your laptop will not charge properly, and it will have this problem. 

You will sometimes witness that even the charging light of the laptop is on; however, it is not getting charged. You need to check the charging circuit of the laptop and whether it is damaged or not. You should also check the plug of the charger. It can fix things if there is any problem with the charging circuit of the laptop. 

Battery sensors are malfunctioning.

It would help if you looked into the battery sensors because it is also one of the major things that can affect the charging of your laptop. If the battery sensors are not working properly, it is not possible for your laptop to get charged. 

It will not take any current from the circuit because the sensors will not convey the message to the memory and Hardware of the laptop. You should look into the battery sensors as well when you are fixing the laptop for this problem. If it does not work, then you should let a professional check your laptop because they will be aware of the problem associated with your laptop. If you are not aware of the main problem and you are not an expert in electronics, you should never take things in your hand. This will ruin your device and will also waste a lot of your time. 

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Why do I reset my laptop battery?

You can reset the laptop battery as it has some of the major benefits. This is going to fix a few things that are causing problems with your laptop. Resetting the battery is an easy process, and anyone can do it with a little knowledge. 

Accurate Power Reading

When you reset the battery of the laptop, it will let the smart sensor of the battery get connected with the laptop automatically. This will lead to accurate power reading, and the battery will be able to get charged properly. You can help the smart sensor reconnect to the laptop battery itself, which can be very beneficial for your laptop and its performance.

Make use of the battery properly.

Your laptop will be able to use your battery properly when you reset the battery. It will start working from the beginning, and any fault with the battery will be resolved. This is how the laptop will be able to take power from the battery without any complications. You can increase the performance of the battery by resetting it.

Acknowledge the Compatibility

Once you reset the battery of the laptop, you will know about the compatibility of the battery with the laptop. You can acknowledge the compatibility of the battery so that you can use one of the best batteries for your laptop. It is important to know what type of battery is good for your laptop.

How to fix 'No Battery Is Detected' on my laptop?

You will get the signal of no battery is detected on your laptop due to many reasons. However, you can take a lot of measures to fix it. 

Check the battery status.

You can check the status of your battery when there is no battery is detected shown on your laptop. If the battery is not connected, simply connect it to your laptop, and it will start charging. 

Reinstall the Battery Driver

You can reinstall the battery driver because it will also help the laptop to start getting charged. If there is a problem because of the battery driver, it will be fixed when you re-install it. 

Perform a Power Cycle on Your Laptop

You can also perform the power cycle on your laptop because it will also enhance the charging condition of your laptop. This will also resolve some of the major problems you are facing due to charging issues. 


It is important to keep your laptop battery charged and keep it under the best conditions. If there is any problem associated with your battery, you can fix it easily by following some of the steps that are mentioned in detail.


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