51.8V 5000mAh High Rate Li-Polymer Battery for Rescue Starting Device

Product Detail

High Rate Low Temperature Li-Polymer Battery

-20℃ 10A Rate Discharge

Product number: 01DQ0116-01

Cell model:8545148-5000mAh-3.7V

Battery specification: 8545148-14S1P-5000mAh-51.8V

Nominal voltage:51.8V

Nominal capacity:5000mAh

Charging voltage: 57.5V

Charging current: ≤10A

Discharging current: 5A

Instant discharging current: 50A

End-off voltage: 42V

Internal resistance: ≤80mΩ

Battery weight: 2000g

Product dimension: 160*120*80mm(Max)

Charging temperature:10~45℃

Discharging temperature: -20~60 ℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~35℃

Battery case: engineering plastic ABS+PC

Lithium ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over temperature protection, overcurrent protection and ESD protection.

Application field: Rescue starting device, low temperature starting dynamo, low temperature starting motor, low temperature multiple discharge equipment

Product features

1. ABS+PC housing increases the reliability and firmness of the battery.

2. Connector output terminal: adopts gold-plated shrapnel output mode to increase conductive reliability and stability.

3. Battery management: adopt input accurate protective chip which has good stability, high precision monitoring, precise control with ESD and temperature protection so as to try its best to eliminate the security risks.

4. The battery pack has good security, nice low-temperature discharge performance, high low-temperature multiplier, and can discharge at -20℃ multiplier. Its discharge capacity reaches more than 90%.

5. The battery pack has long cycle life, which conforms to the principle of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection.


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