3.7V 1600mAh Explosion-proof Battery for Petroleum Quality Testing Equipment

Product Detail

Product number: 41DZ011-01
Cell model:505357-1600mAh-3.7V
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Nominal capacity:1600mAh
Charging voltage: 4.2V
Charging current: ≤800mA
Discharging current: 190mA
Instant discharging current: 190mA
End-off voltage: 3V
Internal resistance: ≤300mΩ
Battery weight: 50g
Product dimension: 62* 53.5*6mm(length*width*thickness)
Charging temperature:0~45℃
Discharging temperature: -20~55 ℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~45℃
Battery case: technical grade
Lithium ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and overcurrent protection.
Application field: oil station, gas station, mining

Product features
1. Low self-discharge
2. Double IC protection scheme increases 200mA fast fuse, so that short circuit has no spark.
3. The battery pack has good safety and large capacity without explosion-proof performance.
4.The battery pack has long cycle life, which conforms to the principle of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection.


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