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What is the difference between lithium battery and polymer battery?

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But polymer batteries belong to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion batteries and polymer batteries. As for which is more stable, there is no certain answer. It depends on the skill level of the manufacturers.

Polymer batteries: generally USES soft lu: su composite packaging film. Internal for semi solid polymer. Smooth discharge performance, high efficiency, small internal resistance. Safety performance is good, have over-current, over-voltage protection device. About 500 times the service life of the charge and discharge cycles. But polymer batteries are often packed in foil to easy deformation, not resistant to impact, on the basis of different manufacturers overvoltage protection quality is good and bad, and so on.

18650 batteries: Lithium ion batteries are the improved product of lithium-ion batteries, after years of development, the lithium ion battery technology is relatively mature, mass production has made the manufacturing cost is very low. So the lithium ion battery than on price lithium polymer battery an edge. That is why most of today's devices such as laptop computers will use these batteries. Now the most common use mobile power supply steel 18650 battery shell, has high safety coefficient, production technology has been very mature, and compared with polymer battery is cheaper, occupies most of the lithium battery market share, the most common in the laptop batteries.

18650 general using steel shell packaging, namely 18650 lithium ion liquid, just like a cup full of water, similar to that understanding. So 18650 only for cylindrical, if see in mobile power supply, thick and big mobile power supply, basically all is 18650 batteries.

Due to the particularity of 18650 packaging (steel shell), if the production quality of the products do not pass, is the biggest risk is the explosion, a few years ago notebook produced by explosion, it is because of SONY laptop batteries (18650) generally use quality control problems.

Lithium polymer batteries, raw materials generally mining cobalt acid lithium, lithium manganese acid, and the ternary mixture of lithium. By a certain percentage of the mixture of the three, with a certain technological process and the outside packaging mainly is to use aluminum composite membrane, in the middle of the lithium material for paste. So the shape can be customized. At the same time can produce ultra-thin cell, such as 0.33 mm, 0.50 mm the ultrathin battery.

Polymer battery with a layer of aluminum composite membrane outside, outside a layer of high temperature tape package again, polymer found that the greatest security is leakage, short circuit, leading to higher package, the worst situation is burning, the flame.

Therefore, compared with 18650 polymer batteries in a safe, more better. But burning may cause potential safety problems, so it is recommended to use mobile power users, as far as possible don't place your mobile power pillow, bed these places.

You mean is the full name of polymer battery polymer lithium battery. It is a kind of lithium-ion batteries. Say from batteries, lithium batteries, lithium batteries can be divided into the first generation of steel shell of the second generation aluminum shell lithium-ion batteries, the third generation of polymer lithium battery. Due to polymer battery is encapsulated with aluminum composite membrane, membrane thickness of only 0.3 m, can carry reaction material internal space, the largest aluminum composite membrane many lighter than the steel shell aluminum shell, aluminum composite membrane of Korah, effectively slow down the battery adverse reactions to pressure, to avoid the possibility of an explosion. Polymer lithium battery is the highest capacity lithium battery, the light in weight, safety, the best batteries.

First of all, you have to distinguish between what is a polymer battery, the lithium battery is what! Lithium-ion batteries contain all kinds of more, polymer lithium battery is a lithium battery. As self battery co., LTD., the production of polymer lithium battery, are encapsulated aluminum composite membrane, they also produce lithium iron phosphate batteries, this kind of lithium battery is mainly used in mobile power supply, electric torch, etc., but they are the production of mobile power supply is mainly cobalt acid lithium batteries, power supply, high capacity, good security, performance, high conversion rate!

1. But polymer batteries are belong to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are divided into: liquid lithium ion batteries, polymer batteries, both are negative electrode material is the same, just the electrolyte material is qualitative different, liquid lithium ion cell electrolyte for, polymer batteries for colloidal electrolyte;

2. Both batteries have different features: liquid lithium ion batteries: discharge power is greater, more resistant to bump (shell for steel shell);Polymer batteries shape variable, but I don't bruise (shell for soft aluminum-plastic film).Product - mobile power is more high quality 18650 batteries (now the mainstream of laptop batteries), belongs to the liquid lithium ion batteries, it is composed of steel shell package, with quality wins independent security and protection of PCB board design, can effectively prevent over-current, over-voltage, prevent short circuit, very stable, please be assured that use.

3. Single volume capacity, product - mobile power supply adopts high capacity batteries, single volume capacity and application of polymer batteries on the market.

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