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Do you know the maximum capacity of 18650 lithium battery?

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Due to the fixed size of 18650 battery, its maximum capacity has been attracting the attention of many practitioners. Each manufacturer has improved their technology in recent years, so does the capacity. Samsung, Panasonic, LG, SONY, Toshiba can have capacity of more than 3600 mAh, but the best capacity range to make sure stability consistency is 2600 ~ 3000 mAh. It had better not using battery pack with highest capacity. Regardless of the price and the service life of the battery pack are not so good, so it is not the truth that the higher the capacity of batteries used the more stable.

Battery pack need to customize according to the product, if the product belongs to high-grade, the battery can choose big brands imported batteries (original), because there are many small batteries factory domestic battery have been empty mark, if the price is too sensitive, such as strong light flashlight products price competition is larger), domestic formal manufacturers can choose 2200 mAh ~ 2600 mAh batteries or lower 1500 + capacity. Most applications have different current and time requirements, so most of the power supply batteries in the battery pack, in the choice should consider to choose the consistency of batteries, battery stability, safety, these measures are very important.

It is worth noting that many buyers will have a misunderstanding, think high capacity, the actual discharge current will be very big, but that the opposite is true:18650 lithium batteries generally divided into capacity and ratio, capacity model mainly reflects the large capacity, but generally less than 1 c discharge current, current is smaller; Ratio can be large current discharge, but the capacity is low, use time is not long. It's similar to not have your cake and eat it.

How do you know 18650The lithium battery actual size? Unscrupulous manufacturers labelling capacity but can't believe that, if you want to know the actual capacity, you'll have to charge and discharge through the professional test testing equipment testing, so the average person on the also don't know the specific size, it is easy to be deceived by the seller, if the buyer really feel capacity have something, can ask the supplier to issue test report or choose a third party professional testing institutions.

Finally said 18650 lithium battery price is proportional to the size, capacity, the greater the ratio, the greater the energy use of raw materials, the more so the price will be more expensive, average price is 10 ~ 30 yuan/a.

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