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The difference between lithium batteries and ordinary batteries

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The lithium battery is a kind of battery that using lithium metal or lithium alloy as cathode materials and using water electrolyte solution. The earliest lithium battery is invented by the great inventor Thomas Edison using the following response:


The reaction for the REDOX reaction and discharge.

Due to the lithium chemistry is very lively, making lithium metal processing, storage, use, very high demand on the environment. So, the lithium battery has not been applied for a long time.

But now the lithium battery has become the mainstream. A, charging the battery to charge batteries can't charge.

Second, the rechargeable battery internal resistance is small, ordinary battery internal resistance is big, so the batteries doesn't fit with large current discharge equipment, such as digital cameras.

Three, rechargeable battery self-discharge is bigger, uniformity batteries, so a full battery charge need not easy light-leaking missed half) (about two month.

Fourth, rechargeable batteries don't shelf-stable, ordinary battery storage, so the rechargeable batteries without long-term performance will be sharp decline that it cannot be used.

Five, the voltage of the rechargeable battery is 1.2 V, batteries will be 1.5 V, but as a result of charging the battery internal resistance is small, so when using pressure drop, so in most cases is common to both.

So to sum up, if you want to use regular large current discharge equipment, such as digital cameras, along with the sound and so on, try to use rechargeable batteries. Small current discharge device, such as remote control, such as quartz clock, try to use batteries.

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