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How to repair 18650 lithium battery pack

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18650 lithium batteries are cylindrical batteries with diameter of 18 mm, length of 65 mm; Now this becomes the standard specification of lithium battery. Common problem is consumption of lithium-ion battery, or we said that it is broken. General battery pack made up by many 18650 batteries connected in series or parallel. What can we do if 18650 battery is damaged? How do we repair it?

18650 battery testing and analysis

1 18650 lithium batteries are commonly by parallel increase capacity, such as mobile power supply of 20000 mAh is general by 8 2600 mAh battery or 6 of 18650 of 3400 mAh battery. In parallel to increase the capacity of 3.7 V, and then improve voltage by series, two series is 3.7 * 2 = 7.4 V, three 12.6 V, and so on.

2 Usually, electric cars, laptop batteries are needed by many cells in series will rise to the 12 v battery voltage or 36 v48v72v etc., if the battery capacity or quality at this time, in use process, there is always a first loss, like bucket principle of short board, a battery or parallel group, affects the whole total batteries voltage and capacity of the battery pack.

3 Effects, such as a laptop is generally 2 and 3 series, 10.8 V ~ 12.6 V battery. A set of two parallel battery consumption first, will make the whole battery capacity decline, concrete is the battery standby time is short, fast charging and power. Electric equipment is the same.

4 Then you need to replace the battery pack, avoid barrel effect (short principle - bucket can hold water depends on the barrel of the shortest board).Such ability can let the battery balanced use, prolong service life.

18650 battery wear testing

1 Battery wear performance: the battery voltage is weak and capacity to reduce.

2 Directly measured with voltmeter, if 18650 on both ends of the battery voltage is lower than 2.7 V or no voltage. Said the battery or the battery pack has damage. Normal voltage of 3.0 V to 4.2 V (typically 3.0 V battery voltage cut-off, 4.2 V battery voltage will be fully electric saturation, the individual also has a 4.35 V).

3 The battery voltage is lower than 2.7 V, can use the charger to the battery (4.2 V), after ten minutes, if the battery voltage has recovered, can continue to charge to the charger tip is full, see filled with voltage.

If the full electric voltage of 4.2 V, indicates that the battery is normal, should be the last time to use too much power consumption, as the battery.

If full electric voltage is lower than 4.2 V, says damage to the battery. If the battery is used for a long time, which can determine the battery life, capacity is depleted. It should be replaced. There is no way to repair the basic. Lithium battery is, after all, have a life that was not infinite.

4 If measuring the battery, battery voltage, this time there are two kinds of circumstances, is a kind of battery is good, long-term loss of electricity resulting in a store, the battery is to have a chance to recover, are generally pulse activating apparatus with lithium batteries (lithium battery charging and discharging device) to a short period of time the battery charge for many times, could repair. The repair cost is not low, general or buy a new conversion.

Another possibility, that is, the battery completely loss, breakdown, battery diaphragm is negative short circuit. This kind of matter has no way to repair, can only buy new.

18650 battery repair

1 Lithium battery pack often should be because of one or a set of cell damage and cannot be used, this time should be measured on both ends of the battery voltage and capacity in each group, there is no voltage or low voltage serious, capacity or discharge time is large (described in front of a single cell) off, replace the capacity, internal resistance of battery.

2 Generally after replacement, lithium battery can also be used to other battery life loss. This partial replacement cost is low. Also is a kind of on the market at present commonly used method.

3 Lithium battery should be protected with plate, limiting the overcharge, discharge, short circuit, etc., to prolong the life of lithium-ion battery pack.

4 You must be aware of lithium battery not short circuit, detection. Charging must not excess voltage and current, charging time not too long.

5 18650 lithium batteries must form a complete set of protection plate, choose to have the quality assurance of lithium battery charger, extend battery life.

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