Large Power got the title of Large Taxpayer again

Mar 01, 2019   Pageview:1216

On Feb. 19th, 2019, CPC Dongguan Nancheng Residential District Committee and Nancheng Subdistrict Office held "2018 Nancheng Residential Large Taxpayer Enterprise Forum". The representative of Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd (Large Power) got the title of "Top Four of 2018 Large Taxpayer of Private Industrial Enterprises in Nancheng District", which is the fourth times for Large Power to get this title.

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise provided with special lithium ion battery power system custom schemes and products. In this year, Large Power insisted the market occupation of "special purpose and customization" and guaranteed "maximum reliable and maximum safe" quality, so as to strengthened the further cooperation with domestic relevant science institute to improve the product upgrade by the integration project of industrialization and information, and realize 2019 expected business objectives.

The event that Large Power got the title of Large Taxpayer again not only means that Large Power has a proper guideline for management, but also confirms its contribution in public.



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