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Director of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau come to Large Power for survey and research

Feb 20, 2019   Pageview:1620

On the afternoon Feb. 15th,2019, Zhuo Qingxie, director of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, Zhang Jianrong, deputy director of Nancheng Sub-district Office, and Lin Qiang, director of the Street Innovation Drive Office, went to Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd (Large Power) for survey and research of innovation drive.

As a national high-tech enterprise of special purpose lithium power system customization scheme and product, Large Power has developed technical facilities, advanced innovation capability and wonderful business management level and received the qualification of innovation team. Large Power set up an innovation team led by Xue Jiaxiang, professor of South China University of Technology. “The Intelligent Optical Photovoltaic Generation and Energy Internet Technology Development and Industrialization Project” is listed in the categories of Dongguan Innovation Team Project List.

During the survey, Zhu Yun, the GM of Large Power, has introduced the development of the company. Zhuo Qing, the director of bureau, has affirmed Large Power work on civil-military integration, innovation team project, the commercialization of research findings, etc., and encouraged for more innovation and hard work.

Professor Xue Jiaxiang and Dr. Zhou Gang, the general engineer of Large Power Special lithium battery Engineering Institute, accompanied for the survey and research




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