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Large Power has passed the Certification of Information and Industrialization Management System

Jan 10, 2019   Pageview:1642

On December 7th, 2018, Large Power has passed the Certification of Information and Industrialization Management System. The certificate number is CSAIII-00318IIIMS0069801. MIIT releases the standard of information and industrialization management system, follows the standardization principle, aims at production goal, and promotes the foundation of information and industrialization management system, so as to build up the sustainable new energy of enterprise.

The certificate defines that Large Power has passed Information and Industrialization Management System Certificate by the Ministry of Industry and Information successfully. The certificate is adaptable to: “Dongguan Large Electronic Co. Ltd that locates in Gaosheng Science & Technology Park, No. 5, Longxi Road, Zhouxi Community, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, and information and industrialization management activities related to the integration of production, supply and finance controlling capability of special lithium battery”. This certificate proves that the series of achievements of Large Power Information and Industrialization have great improvement and consolidation.

Since Large Power set up the task of information and industrialization, it adheres to improve the internal management. Large Power has set up a project controlling process system, which controls the whole processes of “lithium ion battery / battery module customer survey- project application- scheme evaluation- project team building- design review- trial and mass production”. Besides, improve ERP system so as to strengthen the financial management and cost control function. As for the effect, it transfers internal enterprise decision to data analysis basis, helps rebuild brand development, and improves accurate channel and accurate customer, so that realizes the intelligent manufacturing interface between enterprise, customer and market.

The assessment of certificate needs severe material review and site review. This certificate proves that it is proper for Large Power to adhere to “maximum reliable and maximum safe” intelligent equipment and intelligent product as the main direction of intelligent manufacture. Based on the improvement of information and industrialization management system, Large Power will grasp this chance to improve the intelligent standard of R&D, production, management and service, build up new core capability under information environment, and set up a long-term stable core capability new image of lithium ion battery / battery module.


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