Science and Technology Department of Nancheng (Dongguan, China) went to Large Power for research

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On the morning of January 24, 2010, Zhang Yaoping, member of the Party Committee of Nancheng District of Dongguan City and Chairman of the District Science and Technology Association, and Zhang Jianrong, the director of the Science and Technology Office of Tongtong District, went to Dongguan Yanda Electronics Co., Ltd. to investigate and work on science and technology.


  Our main leaders and relevant department heads accompanied the investigation. The research team visited our R&D center, test center and trial production center. In the following discussion, Huang Jianhua, the person in charge of the science and technology project of our company, reported to the research team the progress and achievements of our company's science and technology projects last year and the plan of our company's integration of production, learning and research in 2011. The expansion of the R&D center this year was explained. In response to the concerns of the research team, Huang Jianhua gave a detailed report on the work of science and technology project declaration, intellectual property construction and 2011 science and technology work planning.


 On behalf of the research team, Zhang Yaoping and Zhang Jianrong respectively conveyed the spirit of the Dongguan Science and Technology Work Conference held recently, expressed satisfaction with the scientific and technological work of our company, and emphasized the determination of Nancheng District to support the private technology enterprises.


 Finally, the research team encouraged our company to continue to work hard on the existing basis to further enlarge and strengthen the “Science and Technology South City”.




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