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Congratulations on the comprehensive improvement of the cooperation between Large Power and Desay Battery

Jan 18, 2019   Pageview:1412

On the morning of May 10, 2010, the opening ceremony of “Desai Battery and Yanda Electronics Joint R&D Center” and “Yida Electronic Huizhou Production Base” was held in our company, indicating that Desai and Yanda are in scientific research and production. The partnership in the field is further clarified and deepened.


  Shenzhen Desai Battery Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It has production bases in Shenzhen, Huizhou and parts of the mainland. It has a number of wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries, and its battery products and business scale rank among the best in the domestic industry. . The “Desai Battery” brand is well known in the north and south of the country and has a wide range of influence. In recent years, the small and medium power management protection board and battery packaging business have been growing rapidly, becoming the industry leader in these two fields.


  Our company has a long-term and extensive cooperation relationship with Desai Battery. With the gradual expansion of the cooperation field between the two parties, the proportion of our company's business in Desai Battery has also increased year by year. The holding ceremony marks the competition of our company. The improvement of battery strategic cooperation is conducive to relying on the joint construction platform and focusing on the development of battery applications in accordance with the consensus reached by both parties. We have reason to believe that greater progress will be made in the new partnership.


   Zhu Yuda and Desai will go hand in hand to create new glory!


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