Warm congratulations on the strategic partnership between Dongguan Large Power and BAK Battery

APR 16, 2019   Pageview:1161

BAK Battery is a listed company of Nasdaq in the United States. Since its establishment in 2001, it has always adhered to the high-end line and has rapidly grown into a new force in the battery field. "Bick Battery" was selected in the "China Famous Brands" list in 2007, and it has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers. It passed the HP certification in the same year. Currently, BAK still has more than half of the cylindrical batteries supplied to HP or its designated battery packers every month.


Our company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BAK. In addition to importing batteries , our lithium battery supply system actively introduces domestically produced batteries with international standards to meet the individual requirements of customers. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement marks the full movement of the company's business in the battery industry chain, which will inevitably further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the large battery in the market.


Strengthening mutual trust and expanding common interests, and the successful cooperation with BAK has laid the core technology and comprehensive business foundation of our company's next development in related fields, which will surely promote our customers to gain more support and recognition in the field of battery applications. , thus making great progress in this field.


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