How long does the car battery have no electricity, what should I do if there is no electricity?

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The battery is the heart of the car. The maintenance of the battery directly affects the driving of the car. The ordinary car battery, also known as the battery, is used to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. We usually refer to batteries that are lead-acid batteries. This type of battery is mainly made of lead and its oxides and has a service life of 2 to 4 years. The automatic starter car has a dedicated battery with a life span of 5 to 6 years. New energy vehicles use lithium batteries and have a longer service life. If they are used correctly, sometimes it is no problem to use them for 8 years. How long will the car battery die? What if the battery goes dead?


How long will the car battery die?


Car batteries leak about 1 % per day. If the connection is not removed from the car, the car is used to maintain a minimum current (commonly known as "dormant" current) of about 80mA. If there is a burglar alarm, it will consume a certain amount of electricity. General batteries consume about 2-3 % of the electricity per day, which means that 30-70 days of batteries will lose power (the electricity is not enough to make the system work).


Relevant knowledge:


1, less than half of the battery, that is, when the voltage is less than 13.4 V, the car is difficult to start.


2, the battery voltage is 10 % lower than the rated voltage, that is, below 10.8 V, the battery has the risk of loss of power,


3, battery loss, its life reduced by 80 %, generally retain more than 20 % of the electricity.


4, the car battery failure light, need to charge in time, can use the charger charging, can also use more than 1500 turns 30 minutes charging, ensure that the next day can start.


5, the car replacement battery should keep the vehicle with electricity, using "connecting" to change the battery, if the battery is changed directly, data loss, need to be Initialized, commonly known as the code.


What if the battery goes dead?


When the car battery suddenly ran out of electricity, don't panic, follow the following steps to check the problem step by step:


First, if the lights and horns can work normally, they are only unable to start the motor. The manual stop can be started with a cart. In particular, two or three blocks can be hung, the clutch can be stepped down, and the cart can be used when the speed reaches a certain point. Release clutch, the vehicle can be activated.


Second, if there is no electricity at all, there are the following emergency methods:


If you have a portable charger can also do not need to remove the battery, directly in the car can be charged. If the car is driving less, stop more had better buy their own, the price is very cheap, a few tens of dollars, must buy that switch power, can be filled with self-stop smart charger.


1, cart start


Before the cart is started, it is necessary to observe whether the road conditions of the vehicle's parking position are suitable for the start of the cart. You can use the downhill road to increase the speed. If the front of the car is uphill, then the forward cart will be tired and the speed will be difficult to increase. Therefore, the car should be turned to the downhill direction. Try not to start a cart on a road section with many vehicles and pedestrians, so as not to cause accidents after the vehicle starts. Before the vehicle is pushed, the ignition switch should be turned on. After reaching a considerable speed, the transmission should be hoisted into the gear and the clutch pedal should be quickly released and refueling. Once the engine is started, the clutch pedal should be quickly stepped down, while controlling the throttle, so that the engine does not stop, and then slowly stop.


2, traction start


This method is similar to the start of the cart. The difference is that the traction of the car is often much more economical. Use the proper length of the traction rope and tie the two ends together. Before hauling, the driver of the front and rear car should first determine the contact signal, such as whether the start and parking are whistling or gesturing for coordination.


3, connect start


If there is a car in the same car when there is a situation, and there is a cross-connection cable in the car, you can also start the vehicle by connecting the batteries. The two vehicles will be approached before the specific operation until the cross-connection cable is enough to connect the positive and negative poles of the two batteries. Care must be taken to ensure that the two vehicles are not in contact. Only cables with sufficient carrying capacity and insulated skin are allowed. If the installation position of the power supply battery on the vehicle is not convenient for direct cross-connection, the battery must be removed using a tool.


2 Determine the positive and negative poles of the two batteries, and use a cable to connect the positive and positive, negative and negative poles. Be sure to make no mistake about the positive and negative poles of the battery and ensure the reliable connection of the cable. Set the direction of the cable to prevent the cable from scraping with tape or fans when starting.


Turn off all the electrical equipment attached to the car and start the vehicle where the battery providing power is located so that its engine can run for a few minutes to ensure sufficient power. Then start the unpowered vehicle in the normal way. After starting, you should light on the accelerator pedal so that the engine can operate at the speed of 2000r/min for a few minutes. Then close the ignition switch of the two vehicles, carefully remove the cable, and take care to avoid contact between the positive and negative cable connectors.


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