The world's first commercial graphene Femtosecond fiber laser

APR 16, 2019   Pageview:72

Recently, the commercial graphene Femtosecond fiber laser (Fiphene) developed by Taizhou Juana New Energy Co., Ltd. was introduced. This is also the world's first commercial graphene Femtosecond fiber laser. At the same time, the laser also created two world records for graphene Femtosecond fiber lasers with the shortest pulse width(105fs) and the highest peak power(70kW).


The application field of Femtosecond fiber lasers is very broad, including laser imaging, holographic spectroscopy and ultra-fast photonics and other scientific applications, as well as laser material fine processing, laser medicine (such as ophthalmic surgery), Lidar and other fields. The core device of the traditional Femtosecond fiber laser, the semiconductor saturation absorption mirror (SESAM), is prepared using the semiconductor growth process. The cost is very high, and the technology is monopolized by foreign countries.


In the Femtosecond fiber laser field, graphene is considered to be the best material to replace SESAM. The 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics wrote an article predicting that graphene Femtosecond fiber lasers are expected to be industrialized around 2018. To achieve true industrialization, it is necessary to solve a series of key technologies such as high-quality graphene preparation, large-scale low-cost graphene transfer, strong interaction between graphene and light field, graphene saturation absorber encapsulation, and laser power stability control. After many years of continuous research, Taizhou Juana New Energy Co., Ltd. successfully conquered these key technologies and took the lead in realizing the productization of graphene Femtosecond fiber lasers. The main performance indicators are higher than those of similar products, and they have high cost performance. And strong market competitiveness.


The product was named Fiphene, taking a combination of Fiber(fiber) and Graphene(graphene) words. Taizhou Juana New Energy Co., Ltd. plans to use Fiphene as a platform to launch more graphene fiber laser products to advance the development of graphene applications. (Marginal)


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